The following creepypasta is based on a true story, names and two events were added for creepyness.


   Have you ever heard of a game called Roblox? If you have then you might know alot of things. If you played it then you must of had a great time. I used to play Roblox often rushing home everyday just so I could hop onto my computer to play Roblox. I did this until I went to middle school. After that the games started getting worse and worse. If you found a old game that was once popular then it might have about 5 players online. Every once in a while you might find a good game that is new and popular, this is where a game called Murder Mystery became a part of my life. Every day I would play Murder Mystery and be very good at it, I was often called a hacker because I always won. Then one summer a player joined my server, the player's name was Goob9. He was quiet for a while until he said something that was really funny, he shouted "I HAVE A BLUEBERRY PUNCAIK!" Then the round ended, the Murderer was killed by Goob9, who was the sheriff. I gave a small laugh and Goob9 laughed back.


   Me and Goob9 played for three days straight because both our parents were on vacation. We continued playing until a troll came in. He took one look at Goob9 and said, "Look it's Goob the Noob!" Soon everyone was making fun of Goob9's name. Goob9 started shouting threats and said that if he called him a noob one more time he would kill him. That just made the troll say, "Okay Goob the Noob9." Goob9 went afk after that, and I waited ten minutes until he came back. When he did, the troll left. I asked Goob9 if he was okay, Goob9 just replied that he is very sensitive when it comes to bullying. Goob9 asked me if I could turn on the news. I did so and saw something terrible. Police were at a house and inside were four dead people, two parents and two kids, all of their throughts were slashed. In one of the kids hands was a phone and they were playing Roblox. I choked on saliva when I saw the kid's user name, it was the troll.

   When I turned off the T.V. I asked Goob9 about the dead kid and if he had anything to do with it. He just replied that he was in the bathroom. By this moment I did not know if he was lieing or not. Things only got worse, I was sheriff and I shot the first person I saw and it was Goob9, and he was the Murderer. Goob9 was never the murderer until he stated that his Murderer chance was at 100%. I was Goob9's friend and I ruined his chance to play as the murderer. Goob9 did'nt say a word after that.

   Goob9 was quiet for almost three hours, when he finaly said something it shocked me and everyone else on the server. "Hotel gazed into Lima's eyes with passion and love. Lima gazed back with the same expression. Hotel leaned in to kiss Lima and she did the same. But Lima did not feel Hotel's warm lips instead she felt a pain and cold steel. Hotel has stabbed her. Lima fell to tthe floor bleeding her life out. She reached her hand to Hotel, but Hotel wiped the knife on Lima's shirt and walked away, letting her bleed out."

   I felt sick as I read what he said. A couple of players left so it was me, Goob9, and six other players. Goob9 said, "Did you like my story, Joshua?" I gasped and looked around my house. How did he know my name? Goob9 wen silent once again. I was on edge for anything. And I was right to do so, Goob9 came back with another story. "Echo came home one day, drunk from vodka. The nightly rain made his stairs wet and slippery. Echo knew this and with caution he went up the stairs. One of the metal bars broke from being rusted. Echo fell down the stairs and broke his back. He knew that he had internal bleeding so he called out for help. From the shadows a man walked up to Echo, He looked up at the man and gave a gasp at who it was. It was me, Goob9. I looked at Echo, thinking to myself. I put my foot on Echos windpipe as I stood on his neck. There was a snap and Echo had died. I walked away from the scene with a grin on my face."

   That was the final straw, I reported Goob9 and told him to shut up. Goob9 just replied with, "Silly Joshua, do you think you can be safe in your living room while playing on your laptop?" I was playing on a laptop, and I was in my living room. I looked outside and saw nothing. Goob9 said one last thing, "I have to go now but I'm pretty sure Joshua will have a nice sleep." And he left. Suddenly there was a knock on my door. I looked outside my window and saw no one except a letter. The letter had a picture of Goob9 and it read on the bottom, "I'm Always Watching, Joshua."


   Written by, GameSiteGames