I have always liked GooseBumps. I have seen every single episode and own every book. After I read and watched every single book, and episode, I was disappointed that there were no other new ones coming out.

One weekend I went to stay with my Grandma, and she owned a whole collection of DVDs and books. I went to look through them, and noticed that there was one DVD labeled "Goosebumps: Never Ending." I was pretty confused since I did not not recognize the episode title. I still decided to play the DVD, to see for myself if this was a new episode

I played the DVD, which was pretty damn broken. I had to reset the DVD several times, and eventually got it to work properly.

The regular intro started, barely audible, and after the intro, the scene transitioned to the episode. I could not understand the plot of the episode. It started off with a girl walking down a side-walk, then crossing the road. No names were ever mentioned in this episode, and the only character was that one girl.

As the girl was crossing the road, a car ran her over. Sounds of screaming, and breaking bones could be clearly heard as the vehicle pounced over her.

The scene later cut to her bloody, mangled, and mortified body lying lifeless on the roadway. There was no audio shown in this scene, just utter silence for about a minute.

I was clearly disturbed by this. This was not how I remembered the show. Why would someone even show this on a kids' show?

After this scene, the girl stood up over her body as a ghost, and stared at her lifeless body. In horror she then ran into the nearby woods. There she found herself lost.

The girl attempted to find her way out of the forest, but to no avail. She could not find her way out. She then afterwards, sits on the ground, sobbing. I was so saddened by this, I did not want to watch anymore.

The girl then lifts her head up, and looks around as though something had caught her attention. She picks herself up off the ground, and walks away into the darkness of the woods, her view zooming out, and the screen fading to black as she zoomed out of view, and that was the end of the episode.

I was very confused, and afraid. I did not understand the meaning of the episode. The entire episode stayed in my head the rest of the day. Why would my Grandma even own something like this?

The next day, my grandmother had passed away. The whole family sobbed, and was heavily saddened by this.

I do not think that I will never forget my experience.