Around 2008 there were several reports of children disappearing and then appearing at random locations dead.

The children that did survive however were reported as saying that they had met a new friend.

The dead children were all found with large amounts of salt and plants stuffed inside the bodies, as well as every drop of blood and every organ missing from the body.

Other children report seeing a man following the children that later disappeared. The children that survived were asked to draw a picture of the man that captured them.


The children were asked if they knew anything else about the man. They all described the man as being tall, naked or wearing bearly any clothes, always hunched over or crawling and his face covered in plants but still with a large mouth.

Some children report seeing eyes behind the plants as seen in some of the drawing's. When the children were asked If they new who the man was they told them he called himself Green Man.

The children were then asked how the Green Man acted towards them. Most described him as being friendly, always offering food and always asked if they hated someone. Every child told Green Man who there most hated person was. 5 of the children that were found dead, were the people that the children told Green Man they hated most.

One child though described the Green Man as being very eager to get the him to sleep and always wanting to hug him. The Green Man though still asked who he hated most. 

All children also described the Green Man as having a large long arm that he only showed when angry.

They also described him as having a distorted croaky voice. 

Since the kidnappings there were several sightings of the green man, mainly around parks and forests. There were several carvings found on rocks, from over 300 years ago of a tall man with a scribbled out face.

--MAXMITE (talk) 17:18, September 29, 2014 (UTC)

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