they watch over us in their homes as big as mountains, they will come and feed and care for us we never knew why they take our young and anyone who can no longer give birth it sprung many questions to mind, they stood at least below a quarter size of their mountain homes and looked different then you and I sometimes they would come with four legged beings to chase the orange devil away.

oh how life was pure our guardians watching and protecting never before did I question why they took some away, though my life came to it's sweet end, it's final curtain call when one day no matter how much I tried no more could I give birth, the others swarmed round chattering friends bidding their farewell as one guardian picked me up and took me to it's mountain home, I did not cry or struggle till the other side of the door.


piles of bodies in odd tombs all without their heads, the capsules of our unfertilized young lay a dozen in each box, they placed me on a cold steel table my end I knew was here and with the swift swing of steel the darkness took me whole.


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