Ring! Ring! The alarm clock went off loudly in my ear.

"Fuck! I'm late for work!"

I got dressed, rushing outside, only to find out- My car had been stolen.

Why? How? I don't know. The keys were gone, but nothing else. Just a car and a key. After a discussion with the police, they set up a hunt for it.

I sighed, and thought of how to entertain myself. Seeing as I work long hours, most of my entertainment is bars and going by to say hi, or stay over awhile, with co-workers and friends. This basically means I have an old-as-fuck computer.

I loaded up my favorite 'game', pong. However, something was wrong.

When the short cmdline popped up before I got ingame, it shimmered a little.

"I need a new monitor," I groaned, and entered my normal setup. "Jackass" and "Computer" were the player names. I noticed a few odd scripts, then it loaded.

When I got ingame, it played normally. I was winning 3 to 1, and suddenly, the screen shimmered again.

Some static spewed across the screen, then it was gone. "Is there a broken circuit?" I wondered aloud.

Hesitant of being near the computer, I moved the keyboard back a little. Crack! Sizz! Suddenly, the static was back. It covered the screen. When it dissipated, there was text coving the black background.



I began to stand up, reeling back, when the static spewed again, creating a face.

As I retreated, the last thing I felt was a searing pain in my left hand. The one I used to play, pong.


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