It started Earlier today.Edit

I Was Playing Some "Halo: Combat Evolved" Servers For youtube, And I Came across one certain one. At first, It was a normal Server...It was creepy that everyone Had voted on the map "Prisoner" While I had voted For "Blood Gulch". Whatever. Everyone was chatting about the funny 2204355 I'm feeling lucky google thing from 2009 Which still exists today. Until Someone said "Who is the hacker with invisibility!!!!!" Everyone stopped And Someone asked "Who?" Then The screen flashed red as if I had gotten hurt. I left the game, raging because I died for no reason. That's when I got curious. 

Investigation 1Edit

No one was chatting, and upon Logging back in, I saw that everyone was a ghost. Even me! I used the old Alt+PrintScreen trick to capture this screenshot. The ghost had killed me, Turning me into a ghost. I was nervous, But I knew Microsoft wouldn't Put something so evil into a game celebrating its own Anniversary. I visited the halo website, and by then, Halo aniversarry edition was gone. I even did a search. But nothing came up on the subject. I started to panic. But luckily (As I mentioned earlier) I took the below screenshot.


Look closely and see my character in front of the camera.


Investigation 2Edit

By now, I was freaking out. I decided to join the server once more, This time, Recording the entire thing.I did my research, And nothing came up. I am nervous, Thinking "what could it mean?". I found this helpful article on the Halo Nation Wiki. Apparently, They are rarely spotted In anything other than: Halo 2, Halo 3, And Halo Reach. They can do some pretty weird things, But Not this. This is something I am closely looking into. The only reason I uploaded this to The SOG Wiki, was so It would be noticed. I'll get back to it later, But for Now, I'm going to play on the server and investigate. Peace out. 

Update 9/01/13Edit

Apparently, someone removed the video, So darn. I am freaking out now, because it is appearing in singleplayer as well.

Update: 10:43 PMEdit

Just A Minor update, The Ghost Was aggravating me, (Sorry can't spell very well today) And I was nervous. I Just think I should mention that this is not a creepypasta, Its a call for help. If anyone can help me block this (What is hopefully a hack) Thing, Let me know.

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