Hello! It's me, Late Eric's friend, Devin. I just found some more of his "Missing" entries.

Entry #3 3/21/14

Okay, I am pissed. I just got fired from work today. Screw my life. Anyway I played more Halo 2 today and got to Metropolis, and the scarab was more brutal in terms of its fire rate. It fired every literal 5 seconds. It was hard to beat but I did. I'm gonna have to cut this entry short. I need to go job hunting.

Entry #6 3/30/14

My life can't get any worse, I'll explain after this entry. I replayed Regret today. The scene when Chief was running out of the structure instead of jumping into the water, he was caught on fire and fell into the water. Gravemind's tentacle then grabbed him. I knew that the Gravemind thing was real but the Chief on fire? Not normal. Anyway, my girlfriend was sent to the hospital after a car accident. I'm gonna go visit her now... Bye...

Entry #8 4/4/14

Oh god their faces. The images! THE F**KING IMAGES! WHY ME! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME! You know what? I'm done.

Entry #10 ?/?/14

I am a monument to all your sins. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen. We exist together now, two corpses in one grave. Do not be afraid. I am peace; I am salvation. Child of my enemy, why have you come? I offer no forgiveness, a father's sins, passed to his son. Let us begin.

                                                                 --MasterChefie (talk) 17:34, June 19, 2014 (UTC)

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