The game I bought from that man at the hamfest is now on my shelf. I have never sold it. It creeped me out, yes. But I found it to be unique and thought it was kinda cool. After the first time I played it, when it had accused me of murdering my brother, it soon found its way at the bottom of the stack of those ten games that man had sold me. I don't know why, but later I decided to give the game another try, to see what other secrets it might hold.

The game did indeed have some other things I had not noticed at first, specifically on the title screen. In the top left corner was what seemed to be a developer name, "1988 HGC Studios." It was only one or two shades lighter than the black background, so it was hard to read without looking carefully at it. I searched it on the internet hopefully, but found nothing video game-related. Another thing I found was a third gamemode in addition to Practice mode and Rescue mode. I couldn't read what it was due to the text being completely black, in no way separated from the black background. The familiar gallows and little boy appeared, but the monster was nowhere to be found. The text box simply said, "Don't you want to save your family?" I was then immediately brought back to the title screen with Rescue mode selected. When I tried to play the third mode, I was greeted with, "You don't care, do you?" and the same effect. I guessed that I had to complete rescue mode, so I finally chose it. I completed each puzzle, with the usual message saying that he or she had been saved. After ten puzzles, the monster told me, "I was happy you played with me... until you stole my food." The screen flashed brought me back to the title, and the third mode was playable.

The monster was in its zombie-like form, but was lying on the ground on its belly and the puzzles were slightly different. The phrases and words were no longer random, but cycled through three phrases: "I hate you," "Are you happy?" and "Torture." After what seemed like hours of that, the monster spoke. "I... will... eat..." The screen went black for a few seconds before showing my character, the little boy, hanging from the noose. The monster stood up, walked to the limp body on the rope, and opened a gigantic mouth. The jaws slowly closed around the boy and were about to clench on his body when the screen went black. Text appeared.

"The End."

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