Now, before I get into the story, I just wanna explain what Happy Tree Friends is. Happy Tree Friends, is a show created by Mondo Media. You can find it on their website, or their YouTube account. The show insists cute, cuddly forest animals in gory mishaps. And before you ask, this isn't a lost cartoon, its still on Mondo Media's website and aired on TV for a short time in 2006. And here is the story. Hello there, I'm Sonicandtreeckoshorts, and I wanna talk about a very, VERY, unusual episode of Happy Tree Friends. I remember seeing this episode on August 20, 2007, at 6:17 am. I just woke up. And I was bored so I went on my laptop. I booted it up, and I instantly watched Happy Tree Friends. The theme song looked ok but, something was off, the theme song played slowed down and, backwards. I thought this was some sort of glitch, and just dealt with it. Another thing that was off was the title of the episode, instead of "House Warming" which was the episode I was watching, it was entitled, "You're Next". I could feel a chill down my spine. And then it skipped right to the episode. The episode started off the same, with Petunia hugging Handy after he built the tree house, and she went in it. And instead of the house randomly catching on fire, there was a stool, and Petunia was holding a rope, and crying. This isn't the "House Warming" I watched. and then, Petunia, put her head inside the rope. and she stopped crying. She died. This made me jump. I wanted to close my browser as fast as I could but, handy, somehow knew what I was doing. and he clearly said "Stop it, what you're doing is wrong". It wasn't in gibberish, like how the other characters. and then, it faded to black for 6.66 seconds. then it showed cuddles being hung. and then it showed everybody except handy being hung. Handy then said "What have you done?" then Handy's speech was starting to become deformed. I couldn't hear it well but, I swear to God he said "This is your fault, thanks to you, everyone is dead!" and walked away. Then the episode ended.