When I first heard of minecraft in 2009 I was stoked. I could not wait. Eventually I got hooked on minecraft, created a youtube channel, started making minecraft videos, learned about creepypastas, subed to someordinarygamers, etc etc. But this experienced compelled me from playing minecraft that much...

What Happened:Edit

I got on minecraft for the first time and made a world, got wood, etc etc. I built a house but when I finished it and went inside there was a sign that read; He Is WaTChiNg YoU. Who is watching me?, I wondered out loud, thinking it was a hack; I broke it and moved on to make a mine. When I surfaced I saw another sign that said; LeAVe NoW!!! I broke the sign again but it just re-apeared saying; I TrIEd tO bE nIcE. Then as-soon as I finished reading it minecraft ran out of memory and booted me to my desktop witch was changed to a sign in minecraft saying; DeLeTE tHe wOrLD! Now I knew this was no hack. Then I booted up minecraft and entered my world were I was greeted by a sign saying; LOOK666BEHIND666YOU666 and I did only to be greeted by a steve with white eyes with the name over his head saying: Herobrine. Astonished, I attacked him only to see the minecraft sky go red, Everything but the trees become sand, bedrock and fire (the trees were on fire). Then my computer got a blue screen and I felt what seemed like a metal pipe hit the back of my head.


When I woke up I was in a hospital. The doctor came in and told me I had suffered some brain damage but I would live. I then passed out. I woke up an hour later in an worker room. Good! Your awake!, said the doctor. Now we can start the Physical Theropy!

Authors NoteEdit

My second creepypasta! I hope you all like it! Be sure to leave a rating and why your rating is what it is :D

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