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The Mine's front door.

First of all. want to say that this is not a creepy story, but one of my theories with a little bit of creepypasta history of the "Herobrine" story. I also want to say that everything in this tale is not fake and I didn't place or destroy any blocks in the game, but it's mainly based on a creepypasta, so what you are about to read is sort of like a mix between both theory and creepypastas. Keep in mind that I am talking about the iOS game. Well, I hope you enjoy! P.S. I do NOT believe in Herobrine

The StartEdit

I have been a Minecraft player since it came out, on every plataform available, since the original PC launch until the X-Box 360 game. But latelyugug, I have been noticing some unusual activities and anomalies happeningugguughjvjvhgfhtfytf in one of my Minecraft worlds on the Pocket Edition.You see, I read the Herobrine story a not so long time ago, and of course, like most of the other people who read it, thought it was fake. But ever since the bucket update came to the iOS systems, things have gone a little bit wightjgfhggggggggggghhehdhhdhdhchhcjdjjdjdjjdjdjsjisjhjjhhijhjhjhuhuhuhugerdYachtsGytfutfyvhghgvhgvhgvhgghvgh... I remember have seen a new feature in one of the PC Minecraft updates which said: • Removed Herobrine. I never saw that feature in any updates in the iOS Version. You see, my mine is inside my underground house in the iOS version, and since the update, the front door has been getting opened. I usually don't play local Wi-Fi or use the Realms feature vvvvvvgnvhgvhgvhgvhghg gthe iOS but when I do, I always tell the players either in vvhvvhvhhvhvhvuhhuperson or by chat to ALWAYS close the doors they open (because of the fact I want to keep my world neat). And they actually do, I even watch them do it and if they don't, I beat them up until they die. (Yeah, I am a litlle brutal). But the last time I had a second player was about 4 months ago, and I am always playing the game, and I really don't go into my mine anymore. But someone else has, unless it's a bug and Mojang has to update their app again. 

Image 1

My Netherffdfd Portal

But there is something fishy about this. In the very start of my mine, I have an Obsidian Structure in the form of a Nether Portal, which tfyytfytfstill doesn't work on the PE Version. Coincidence? When I read the Herobrine Creepypasta, I figured that he was a Netherean (forgive me if I don't know how to spell it or if such word even exists), due to the fact that the Nether Realm is Mojang's representation of Hell in Minecraft. This thoughts lead me ujugguuuhto believe that Herobrine hasn't left...
Image 2

It doesn't work...

The Evidence I gotEdit

Nether Towers: As a lot of you guys know, in the PE Version, you can't get to the Nether just yet. Because of this, Mojang decided to keep us busy with a Challenge I like to address as The Nether Challenge. It allows the player to collect most of the things you can only get from the Nether, plus some extras that can only be found in the normal grounds in the PC version.
Image (2)

You can do the Nehter Challenge by Activating the Nether Reactor with a Nether Reactor Core, which is in the middle of the structure. P.S. it's the same pattern behind.

I personally have done about 8 Nether Challenges and even managed to conquer one of the Nether Towers, live in it and do fun parties when I am online. 

Anyway, these are not the same anymore. When I was a nooby-cutie in Minecraft, I used to dig wholes in the ground in order to find recourses (unfourtunately, I couldn't find anything but coal and redstone and rarely iron). 


The glitch fire I encountered when I first opened my world on the new update.

I later became a normal Minecraft player and started working on my mine to later find most of the dimonds I got now. In these wholes, Monsters often spawned in little bits where I found recourses on the wholes I digged . 

The world was really safe to wander around at night time. But ever since I did the Nether challenges, the monsters haunted again, but in very little quantities. When I got the update with Buckets and Fire, the Monsters seem to keep off the Nether Towers now. "What?" I thought to myself when I played the new update. The only times they are on them is at day time, to keep off sunlight. 


Left: Decayed Nether Tower Right: Normal Undecayed Nether Tower, in which I use to do Minecraft Parties.

I thought it was pretty strange. I also found that there where some glitch fire in my first Nether Tower. Not only that, but I also got a glitch water which would have come from a bucket in the tower next to it (my last tower). I found it pretty strange that it was kind of in the same location the glitch fire was (I swear I didn't put either of them, really). I do admit putting the water flow in the left side of the tower because I was destroying the tower and if I fell of it accidentally, I wouldn't deal any damage on myself. 

Image 11

The glitch water. I admit having put the one in the left, but I was actually destroying the tower and as a precaution, I placed water so if I fell, I wouldn't receive damage.

Similarities and Shapes: 

*Bigger Wholes on Towers: I recently encountered a similarity on two of my Nether Towers (the last and the 5th), which is an TNT explosion whole which is almost at the same place of both Nether Towers. I, again, thought it was a glitch, because I only TNT'd the last tower. I just let that detail pass, giving it no importance, but the other shapes i found in my world that weren't there actually freaked me out a bit.
Image 4
  • Image 3
    Christian Crosses: Now, you might think: "Really? You expect us to believe that crosses actually were spawned in your World?". Well, yes, I do believe so because I am not faking any of this, not even the crosses.  I swear. Now back with the evidence. The crosses I found where at three different locations:
  • 1st: The Ocean
    Image 9

    The Ocean Cross

  • 2nd: The Grounds
  • Image 8

    The Grounds Cross

    3rd: The First Tower
    Image 10

    The Tower's Cross

 They all looked exactly the same, except for the one in the Nether Tower. This led me to believe that this world wasn't actually built by me, but was a copy that already existed, visited other three players which were murdered by Herobrine.


Based on the Evidence here, is that this might have been all just a bug.  Why? Because first of, the Ocean Cross I saw, I saw it since the second to last update, which means it hasn't been there for long, and I believe the other two crosses were either a bug, or just one of my fellow players was just being funny. And also, the shapesmight have diverged when spawning the world in the update, maybe due to new materials. The Mine? That keeps being a mystery, becuase there is no way to explain that, besides that that is a bug also. Well, my other thought is that Herobrine was supposed to be a bug in the PC before the update with the PC version, which also led me to believe that the bugs were actually just the Herobrine bug. And maybe Mojang is still trying to fix it. But for some odd reason, a small part of my brain is saying that maybe all this is not coincidence, that Herobrine is real, and that he is just waiting to atack again...

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