His proxy (Slenderman files)

I was just a small child. There are things that some children should not see. Whether it be scary movies, or clowns. This is much more disturbing. My parents were always out of town. Whether it was for a job or just to get away from me. I do not know when this thing started showing up. I had to have been really small because I can remember it from the first of my memories.  There was always a figure outside my window somehow, feeling protected. Every night to every morning its there. Somehow I know it. I know what it is. Or if it is there or just a creation of the power of my mind. Somehow it stumbled the way I think. There, at school I wonder what the man I should say, was. Well 20 years later I found it out.

I am now 33. With 2 children and a wife. One is 3 months and the other is 8 years of pain. But my wife... Thats a whole other story. We live in a rural town off the coast of Oregon called Reedsport. Its a nice humble town. But it is constantly filled with woodlands. Wich seems creepy but you get used to it. I always allow my 8 year old to play in the backyard until dinner. In our backyard there is a treeline of a start of the woods. While making dinner I thought about the man from my childhood. I shuttered at the thought. Thinking that it was time for dinner I yelled my sons name. He didnt respond, thinking that he could not hear me. I stepped out the back door. The deepest, darkest fears filled every joy of my life. All the hapiness I have gained and all the life I have lived. Flash before my eyes. He was there... He-he the man from my childhood. The man that scared me. The man that disturbed me every time I went to bed. Was there. I ran to my most cherished thing on this earth. But  I  couldnt. The darkness spread around him like arms trying to pull him in somewhere. I heard my wife screaming and crying. Yelling at me to do something. Then my child turned around to me and said in a deep demonic voice. "I am his Proxy, bringer of children.'' I didnt know my son anymore. He was gone. I am sorry. I am so sorry.

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