Welcome to the SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki Historical Archive! This page contains a list of Creepypastas  which are notable for their quality or importance to this Wiki. These are not necessarily stories that have won the Creepypasta of the Month competition, or that have been read by Mutahar, but stories that are well liked by users and/or have made an impact on the Wiki.

Stories can be added to this category by being nominated and voted upon by users of the SOG Wiki. Creepypastas may be nominated by leaving a comment in the following format:

Story Title:

User Requesting:

Valid reasons for nomination; why this story deserves to be added to the Archive:

From that point a discussion can occur with users giving their support for the nomination, or giving reasons why the story does not warrant addition to the Archive. When a pasta receives three votes in favor (yea) it will be added to the archive and given a new category. If there are three votes against (nay), the story will not be added, at that time, perhaps it can be nominated again if it garners more respect or continues to make an impact.

Unlike Creepypasta of the month voting, these elections will not be confined to a month's worth of votes, but will remain up for addition to the archive until three yea or nay votes are accrued. This will give users time to read the stories and decide how they feel about them.

At the moment this is in a preliminary and trial-run period. Feedback may be left here, and changes may still be made to this page.

Archived Stories Edit


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