Jane's Log

12/29/2013 2:14 am

        After being restored to my old self, I said I would set out for Slenderman, when a little man came into the woods, little fool. Doesn't he know Slender lives here?

I remember who is now the "Slenderman" when he was a little kid at my middle school in 7th grade.

I am Derek Shmidt, and I used to be friends with Slenderman. As a kid, his name was Johny Grade, and his grades were always A+'s, but that is why he was picked on so much. He was a nerd, always pale. He would rather study and play Castlevania than go outside, so he was paler than this serial killer guy. I think his name was Jack, Jarod, Jeff, whatever. Well, when I came into the forrest, I remember what happened like it was 7 years ago, when it was 7 years ago yesterday. He was a brilliant kid, a master at the arts of math. He had memorised the whole number Pi and was going to appeal to get into college early for his large brain, it was the first time he was in the sun in years. I knew where the college was and was showing him where to go. When he had gone off of the trail in this gigantic forrest. I heard a scream and went to check on him. What I saw was a lifeless body of John laying in a heap of his organs, intestines, skull, brain, and suprisingly, no blood. It was supernatural, like another universal portal linking two worlds. Then I heard a sound right behind me, like Television static waking you up cranked to 100 volume on a flat screen. I looked back and saw... it... John...

He had no face, but he was wearing his tuxedo, and he was as pale as the body behind me. I thought it was a Nightmare, but elm street aint here buddy. I tried to talk, but it was like my blood was freezing inside of my body, but then a warmness melted it all, I ran, and ran, and ran...

Now I am back to claim this foul demon posessing my friend's body, when a woman caught me in my tracks, she whispered like she was fox hunting. She told me, "You fool, do you have any idea a monster lives in these woods?"

I quickly replied, "Yes, my friend is that monster." and explained the story and that I was here to kill the demon living inside him.

"Alright" she said after my story was finished, "I am here for the same reason, but I know how to kill him, you probably don't."

          She jumped into a nearby sapling, then into a medium sized tree, then to the tallest tree in the forrest. She, Jane she said her name was, looked around for awhile then jumped down. Jane swiftly ran in the direction I rthought was northeast, her green skirt flapping back, hitting trees, and finally, she stopped. I could hear the noise I heard the day I saw Slenderman come from John, only fainter, way quieter.

Suddenly the white face of my former friend came into contact of mine, the static as loud as ever. Then, he came right in front of me, he must have been 12 feet tall.

I then said, "John, we will get you out of there buddy "Goodbye friend."

then he threw me againt the nearest fence. The only other thing I saw that day was Jane stabbing John in the face, then a pain in my stomach, looking down, and seeing a long black tentacle in my stomache.

I woke up up the next day to see I was in the emergency room with John, who looked like he was not that horrible monster anymore. I then whispered, "Thank you Jane." then passed out.


Jane's Log

12/30/2013 2:57 pm

The man Derek called John was really a man in a costume. He seemed to have a rare parasite that makes people feast on human blood as their only drink, and organs as it's only feast. It was horrible to see him like that. I has to stab the parasite and pull it out, but one of the tentacles from the octo like parasite stabbed Derek in the stomache. I know where Smile Dog lives, Jeff's house. at least, the one he had a massacre on our families. 

All that were left were me, Jeff, and his dog...

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