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The file

There's a file out there on the internet called ISeeyou.jpg, an image file. Nobody knows what the image is about, who or where did it come from. What is known is that ISeeyou.jpg appearing on your computer is a sign of death.

Most people claim that the file pops up as a download which takes less than a second, others that it simply pops up on your desktop, with no required action. Some believe "ISeeyou.jpg" is an image of something horrifying, unspeakable; others that it's something beautiful, to give the receptor a last glance of beauty before dying; others that it's just blank. No one knows.

It just popped up in my computer a minute ago. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I only write this to warn others.

I could get a glimpse before it happens. One quick peek won't do harm...

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