I am a hunter, but not in the way you may think. I use a wide array of weapons to bash, slice, or, if necessary, shoot my way to victory. While I am a master of all weapons in my arsenal, I do have my favorites. Something about hearing the breaking of bones through blunt force trauma compels me to use some of my "heavier" weapons, but what is a weapon, without prey?

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I'll take on any job that pays well enough, no matter who the "prey" is. Of course, my job is dangerous, as I do hunt the most lethal of "game." One of my most difficult missions was when I was hired to hunt the Rath family. They fought back, just as all my "prey" do, pushing me to the limit, but before they could finish me, I managed to take out the husband, plunging a sword into his chest. Now that it was a one on one fight, the wife was much easier to take care of.

This is my job, killing and killing. Sometimes I just kill for fun, taking out all the "prey" I can see before moving onto my target. Though what I do is seen as wrong in the eyes of some, don't think too badly of me, I always make sure none of my "prey" goes to waist. At the end of every hunt, I'll take out my favorite knife, and cut of parts of their flesh, or maybe some bone, and take it home with me as a reward. Most of the time, I just keep these things as a trophy, though occasionally, I'll take the spoils of my hunt, and make myself a treat with them, a new coat, or maybe some new boots.

This is what I have done for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't always at this scale. I used to be much much smaller, uknown by almost all but my few employers, but then I got the letter that would change my life, that one sentence that I will remember forever.

"Please hunter, save Moga village from the Lagiacrus!"


Thank you for reading. I know it's short, but I only had about an hour of free time, and I felt like going into too much detail might give away the ending.

Feel free to leave any criticism in the comments, tell me when and how you figured out the twist, if you did at all.

(For those of you who have not heard of the game, this is based off of Monster Hunter Tri.)


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