I am a murderer.

When I find the victim, it's like when you find the baseball diamond where you play.

 When I stab them once, it's like hitting the ball in baseball, while everyone cheers you on.

 When they run, it's like in baseball, when you pick up the ball and start chasing the runner.

When they collapse, it's like in baseball, when they slide and you are about to tag them.

 When I finish them, it's like in baseball, when you tag the runner right before they get to the base.

 When I see the pool of blood, it's like in baseball, when you see the runner shamefully walk to the dugout.

 When I hear sirens the next day, it's like in baseball, the next day when you see the score, 5 runs them, 6 runs us.

 I am a murderer. I know how it feels. Now you do too. You are a murderer.

NameNoMatter (talk) 22:20, September 12, 2014 (UTC)

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