October 21, 2013, 7:34 PM
just by looking at the date, no this isn’t going to be a ten page diary of an experience I had of a black figure stalking me through the woods then eventually it’s a bloody whatever that chants “YOU WILL DIE” in my face.

This is a onetime thing.

I was on my computer surfing the internet as usual, looking at Tumblr while listening to my favorite songs when I thought I heard my dog bark. I got up rolling my eyes knowing they were probably barking at a cat in that case I would have to tell them to stop. I opened up the door and close it behind me. I took both of my hands to the side of my new Walking Dead hoodie as I put it up the hood on top of my head. The night was cold, considering it was October. I looked to see both of my dogs tied together by the cables they had to be on. The one cable was hooked to a giant oak tree next to the driveway. The other was on a metal pole in the ground pretty close to that same oak tree.

I tried to examine how they got tangled but I just couldn’t figure it out. The one wire was completely wrapped around the other and the wire that was wrapped around the other wire…it was very confusing. Anyways I attempted to get it untied but I couldn’t so I gave up. I was still bending over looking at it for a final solution when I saw something. There is a tree that splits into 2 at the base, kind of like a V.

There was something in the middle of it.

A person.

Not a person…

A thing.

It stared for a while then disappeared somewhere. I couldn’t make it out so I pushed my hood back down and ran back inside, sat down at my computer, immediately opened Microsoft Word and here I am. Writing this. It was a weird experience and I feel like I can’t shake the feeling of those eyes stare blankly at me. I feel like they still are. Like they’re staring at me from my wind

Hello I’m not sure what happened I came into Kyle’s room when I heard a scream and this word document was opened with the name Upload to CreepypastaWiki. There is no one in the room except me.

I think.

Hopefully Kyle is just fooling around with me like he does all the time. I can’t help but get the feeling that I’m being watched.

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