I think I'm paranoid. I mean very paranoid. I mean I think someone has been watching me. Here let me start over. My name is Norman and I am not very sure of my own safety. Well I don't actually think I'm paranoid. A lot of people say I am paranoid when it comes to even most basic of situation.

I doubt that they have never had a moment where they have not been paranoid. Hell they are probably more paranoid than I am. Well anyway, for the last couple of weeks I have been hearing odd noises around my house. I always felt uncomfortable alone in my own house.

Living alone made it even worse. Sometimes it would sound like screaming that echoed. Scratching, knocking, banging on the entrance to my house was a common occurrence. I sometimes went to check on the source of these noises but could never find the one who was making them.

I sometimes had to use sleeping music to help me fall asleep due to the noise. When I'd wake up the laptop would be shut close. I was certain I didn't do that. I knew that I hadn't done that. However, I had no proof someone else did them.

I thought of calling the cops but I was worried of claiming of someone invading my house and it ending up being a false alarm. My heart sank as I rolled up the sleeve of the shirt I was wearing and saw a snake tattoo on my arm. I knew I would never get a tattoo on my arm.

When I brought it up to my friends they were surprised. Not at the tattoo but at me. They said I had been messaging them for weeks late at night about my tattoo plans. They said it was odd of me because they knew how I felt about tattoos. They were kind of mad at me for regretting a decision I was already not comfortable about.

I started checking emails, text messages, Skype, Facebook, anywhere else this occurrence had been happening. There were many messages that I wouldn't write that were written whoever was doing this were dead set on ruining my life.

I once went out to get some groceries to find my house in flames. I hurriedly called the fire department. It felt like hours before they along with the police started questioning me about what happened. I told them I came home to this.

The police investigated after the fire was put out and found out it was intentional. The police found a dead man inside my house who seemed to be the culprit. I knew I wasn't paranoid. I felt relieved that the man who caused all my misery was dead. For some reason he seemed oddly familiar...

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