I woke up like any other day. I woke up with a slight pain most likely caused by the position I had slept in. My legs had been hanging over my head and my back was against the wall to the left. When I woke up I edged into the crack between the two and fell through. My bed was pushed to the right and I fell to the floor hitting my butt on the tile. My mom never liked carpets so we had them taken out and for some reason beneath the carpet there was tile. I looked at the tile I had fell on for a few moments. The tile in each square had a mixture of black and white split down the center. The Caulk had faded from its beautiful white to a stained yellow. How I did not know. I had never spilled anything on the tiles and I always swept my floor every day.

I quickly looked at my alarm clock to realize it was 9:45. I was late waking up. Forty minutes late. I quickly sprang up. There was no time to waste. I looked through my drawers quickly finding my MSA clothes. I had to have a clean outfit because if I didn't I would in huge trouble. At MSA you must wear the required uniform. Nothing else would do. I found a shirt and went quickly to my closet. Going through the many hanged up jeans I found two that actually fit. I quickly made a decision deciding now was not the best time for fashion. I carried them in my arms so I could put them on after I took a shower.

I ran to the bathroom to find my brother was inside still getting ready. Hurry up! I need to get ready too! I yelled at the door. A voice said from inside. We have two bathrooms for a reason! Instead of me waiting for him to come out I quickly ran to the other bathroom. I ran through the kitchen and through the living room. This lead me to a door in which I opened. The door led out to a non working pool. A pool we had hired people to fix multiple times yet it never was. I looked at it as I passed it. The inside was green and it seemed to have at least twenty dead dragonflies in it. I ran out of the pool cage area out to the yard. There seemed to be a million dragon flies flying around. Maybe it was their mating season? I quickly ran through the swarm clothes in hand and headed to the "second house".

I entered inside. I looked at the three small rooms. All were in eye shot. Calling it a second house was an over statement. I passed into the second room . Boxes took up most of the room. They were stacked as high as the ceiling. Furniture was in plenty and was leaned up against the walls, boxes, and furniture that had been placed on the floor. Maybe the reason the rooms seemed so small was because they basically were used for storing all the stuff we didn't need. There was also a fridge that had been placed in there. I passed the fridge going to the right and went to the to the doorway of the third room.

Inside this third small room was a very petite shower. It was a stand up shower. The tiles were on the walls that were inside the shower. They were assortments of blues and whites all of different colors. I stepped inside after taking my night robe off. The glass door of the shower seemed to have a dove on it with a branch in it talons. I looked at it for a few moments and quickly grabbed the bar of soap laying on one of the racks hanged in the shower.

It was a orange-ish color and was very old looking. Well at least to me. Upon looking around I realized there was nothing else but a bar of soap. Oh well I thought to myself. I guess I will just use the bar by itself without a sponge. I had no time to worry about these things so after washing myself off with what I could I got out of the shower. I put my school clothes on and I exited the room and opened the fridge. I grabbed a bottle of water from inside.

I ran back to the main house and went back to my room. I put my flip flops on and put on a belt. I looked down at the belt. It was one of my favorite. A buckle down belt that had the first starter Pokemon on it. Bulbasuar, Charmander, and Squirtle all adorned the belt. I quickly put the belt through the loops of my jeans. I tucked my MSA shirt in and grabbed my back pack. I checked inside to see if all the homework I did was in there and it was.

I quickly checked the time. It was 9:55. The bus arrives at 9:60. I need to hurry up.I grabbed my phone off one of my shelves. I ran to the front door quickly unlocking it. I started sprinting down the street. I ran past multiple people who had stared at me as I passed. I ignored them and continued running. I got to the bus stop and it was 9:59. I didn't see anyone else at the bus stop. I got worried. Had the bus came early? I looked around for a while stupefied by what had happened. My confusion soon turned to fear as I realized how much trouble I would be in for missing the bus. I waited for a good while. Staring at my phone. looking at the time. As if some how looking at the phone would make a miraculous miracle happen. I guess you could say one did.

Off in the distance I saw my moms truck. A FJ cruiser. It was a limited addition and only was sold to a certain amount of people. My mom had to have it imported. The sun gleamed off of it making it look bright. I thought I was seeing my doom. My mom stopped the car . Get in the car! she screamed.

I walked to the car disappointed of myself. I had failed. I stared down at the granite side walk as I walked to the road. I looked at mom not knowing what to say. Her face looked more annoyed then angry. I opened the door and slumped myself into the seat of the car. I had been defeated by time or at least that's what I thought. What are you doing? she asked me with confusion in here voice. "What do you mean? I was going to school and missed the bus." She looked at me and shook her head back and forth. "Chris you don't have school today."

What are you kidding me? I am such an idiot. I said it out loud not to my mom but to myself. No wonder why all the people had been looking at me funny. I didn't even have school today. I thought all these things and hid my face in shame. We are going to Germany today remember she said as she drove me from the bus stop. I looked out the window and thought about what Germany was like. How much different was it from the U.S? As I wondered these things we arrived back at the house.

Get back inside and put normal clothes on she said to me. I walked inside. I dropped my school bag and put my normal clothes on. A green shirt with one of the knights who say ni on it. I loved that movie. I kept the belt, and flip flops on. I packed a few more outfits in a travel bag. I found a pair of tennis shoes and put them in there too. I found some socks. I went and got my tooth brush and paste. I got my deodorant. I put them all in the bag. Chris make sure you put your bags in the trunk ok my mom yelled. Ok mom! I yelled back.

I left my room to see my brother had just finished his shower. How long have you been taking your shower? I asked him. Your not my father he said to me. So stop being a nosy bitch he said to me. I looked at him confused about how he had acted. What had I done wrong? But before I could ask he walked in his room and shut his door. I heard the sound of a lock. What crawled up Nick's pants today? I thought to myself. Realizing nothing could be done about what was said I left to the truck outside.

As I walked outside I tripped. Falling I put my arms up to my face to prevent impact there. I landed on my elbows. It hurt way more then I thought it should have. Looking down I realized I had fallen on broken shards of glass. A piece had cut me on the elbow but not that bad. I quickly diverted my attention from the blood. Trying not to look at it I stood up. My mom ran out seeing that I had feel. Oh my god, my baby! she screamed. She started to flip. She yelled for Nick to get bandages. He quickly showed up with them. My mom took the wrapping from Nick. As she took them Nick whispered something under his breath. "What a fucking idiot getting himself cut." My mom clearly had not heard what was said. I got a little irritated by that but decided to ignore him.

My mom disinfected my arm. It stung pretty bad. White fizz exited the wound bubbling. I looked up to my mom. She looked like she was putting on a fake smile to make me feel better. After the disinfecting was done she started to wrap my arm. The wrapping was tight against my arm. Ok done my mom said. She looked down out my arm worried. Mom we can still go to Germany right? My mom looked at me with a face that basically gave me the answer no. I begged her. Please mom please its not that bad of a cut its just a little one! Fine my mom said. You just have to make sure that you keep it well protected. I will I answered.

I started to pick up my bag but my mom took it and put it in for me. Mom I can still carry my bags on my own. She ignored me and put it in the trunk. I don't think so she said to me. How did that glass get there anyways? I asked her. My brother interrupted me to say that he had been the cause." I had dropped it when one of the cats had rubbed up against me. The cat scared me." I asked if the cat was alright. My brother then said that due to the sound of it breaking the cat jumped away. I then asked him if he was okay. I am fine the glass didn't get me because I am wearing jeans he replied.

Why didn't you clean it up my mom asked. I didn't clean it up because I couldn't find the broom. I looked inside to see a very obvious broom. I raised an eyebrow. After Zack was done cleaning up the mess we got in the car and headed to the airport.

Calling the drive crazy would be a euphemism for how the drive really was. Cars going left in right. Multiple times we were cut off by another car. The traffic seemed to move at very fast and very slow intervals. We saw at least four wrecks on the way there. After finally getting to the airport I let out I sigh off relief.

We had finally gotten to the airport. We did the simple things that anyone would do at a airport. We handed in our tickets and showed our passports. We put our luggage on the loading belt. We waited though the long lines. It seemed to take for ever. My brother was complaining the whole time. I decided to ask him this "Why are you complaining more than me I am the one with a cut arm." He stopped complaining and went silent for the rest of the time.

We were finally at the front of the line so we could board. We walked to the plane. We went inside. There were rows upon rows of people. The plane smelled of perfume, sweat, and plane food. This had been my first time getting on a plane so I was very nervous. I also I had a fear of heights so I didn't want to sit near a window. Luckily we found a place where all three of us could sit. My brother sat to the left. He was close to the window. My mom sat in the middle separating both of us. I sat on the right.

As we sat I realized something. I hadn't brought my phone. I had left it at the house. I had nothing to do. My brother sat on the other side listening to music. My mom played I-phone games. I just sat. Starting to get tired my eyes waved up and down. I fell asleep. I started to have a dream or at least I thought it was. It soon turned into a nightmare and that turned into a night terror. When I woke up I was asked by my mom if I was ok. I instantly responded yes. She let out a sigh of relief. "Ok thats good then." She continued on her phone. I was wide awake the rest of the flight. It was pretty boring. But right when I thought I couldn't take anymore we arrived at Germany.

We went through the whole boarding process. It took quite a bit of time but we were finally here. What should we do? Where should we go? These questions buzzed through my mind after all I had never been to Germany before. My mom said where we were going first but I can't remember where that was.

It was a nice town though. The city buzzed with life. People walking all around. We walked around until we met a man who told us where to find a good place to eat. He pointed us to it.

It was a nice little deli. It didn't even have a real name. When we asked a German who spoke English what it meant he said it meant German deli and drinks. We did't really care though and went inside. The deli had a pleasant smell. I was hungry. We were sited at a table by a young woman who looked to be in her twenty's.What would you like to eat she asked. It surprised me that she knew English but I didn't focus on that much. I looked at the menu. I couldn't read one word of it so I just looked at the pictures. I choose the thing that look the tastiest to me. I can't remember what it was called. It was brought to me on a plate. It seemed to be some sort of meat with sauce. I didn't even know if it was a real German dish but I didn't care. I dug in. Its flavors were tangy and yet somehow tasted like meat. I ate it all so quick that I looked down expecting more to realize that there was none left. After Mom and Josh were done eating we got ready to leave.

But before we did my mom asked if there were any cool towns we could visit. A man walked up to us. He told us there was this very awesome place called Meissen. We decided we would visit there. We left right away and paid for a taxi to drive us there.

I wondered how much more traveling we would have to do until we could find a place we could stay and find neat things to do. The drive took a long time. The driver wouldn't stop talking about his marriage problems so she made the whole drive awkward. I felt bad for the situations she said she was in. She started to explain about her abusive husband and about the things her would do to her on a daily basis. The conversations made me depressed. I didn't have long to think about it though because as soon as she had finally stopped talking about her problems we had reached our destination.

As we got out of the taxi my mom gave her a huge tip. She said her thanks then drove away. We walked through the town. We saw a sigh that said shopping center. To us that seemed like a good place to get souvenirs. My mom each gave us twenty bucks and sent us on our way. Our family parted in separate directions. Where the others went I did not know. I walked up to a man who seemed to be selling something.

What are you selling I asked him. Child you do not want what I am selling was his only reply. It depends what it is I said to him. Show me. He pulled a sheet up off whatever he was selling. Underneath it reveled a seal doll. For some reason I had the urge to buy it. Twenty dollars the man said. I had exactly twenty. I handed it over. He handed me the doll. There are rules to it he said. Don't get angry near it. It can change time and everything you know. It feeds off of anger. I laughed at the thought of it. So spooky I mean what is this tails doll curse? He seemed insulted by me making jokes. You will pay for what you have said. I heard my mom call for me. When I looked back he was gone.

I quickly ran to my mother and told her what happened. She said that there had been no man there. We did some more things in that town and packed up to leave. We stayed a few more days but they were not that eventful.We had fun. We boarded another plane and headed home.

When I was in the plane I stared at the doll. I looked it in the eyes. What is so special about you? "I am alive that is what is special." I looked at it shocked. Had a doll really just talked to me? It responded to my thought. "Yes I am talking and I am alive." Afterwards we had conversations but I couldn't remember what they were about. The whole ride back is just a blur to me.

Upon arriving home the doll started talking to me again. Nick walked up to me and said you ruin everything. I looked at the doll its eyes started to grow red. I sat down on the ground next to were the glass had been. I looked around and stood up. I leaned on the arm with the cut on it. My mom said to me as I was getting up to let her help me. I got up. My mom helped me get to my room. I laid in my bed seal doll in hand. I fell asleep.

I woke up and it was time for school. I had math first, science second, Spanish third, and photography last. All my periods went fine until science. A person by the name of Casey had been bulling me. He was taller and meaner then me. If anybody said anything about his name they would most likely be found dead. This was the person who bullied me. He had been bulling me for two years up until this point. I for some reason decided to bring the doll to school. He made fun of me for it. Ha what a little baby he said to me on the way to class. I had dealt with this long enough and told him to leave me alone.

He said I was going to pay for that. After class was done he followed and trapped me in one of the back hall ways. He started to pound on me fist after fist straight to the face. Then I saw it. The doll that was in my hand no longer was there. Instead it was behind him. It had a knife in a flipper. It jumped at him. I blacked out.

When I woke up I was in the office. It seems the boy who had been bulling me had both of Achilles tendons cut. They said this was not acceptable behavior from me. I was soon after expelled.

I was home schooled afterwards. Being home schooled was pretty cool. I would finish my school work early and would play games for the rest of the day. The only problem was my brother. He would constantly make fun of me for not knowing enough.

One day he started making fun of me about me not knowing that much about geometry. "Your such a idiot. You make me sick." When he said that I started to get mad. Then I saw it again. The seal doll. It was in my bedroom door. I quickly calmed myself down knowing that if I didn't something bad would happen.

He continued to try to argue with me. I just ignored him. I went in my room and locked the door. I listen to music that was so loud that out blocked out everything he said. As I was laying in my bed I looked over to see the doll again. It started talking to me. "Wouldn't be fun to watch him squirm. To see him rive in agony. Wouldn't you like that? It said these things then let out a little laugh. "I know you would." No I wouldn't I told him. You have gotten me into a lot of trouble. I need you to stop I said to it. I will never stop. Not until your dead.

As it said those words I became very afraid. Until I am dead? Is it going to kill me? Thoughts like those rushed through my mind. I was locked in a room with this thing! There was no escape. But what it told me next calmed me down but only for a moment. I am not going to kill you. It said it with a slight laugh. I am bound to you. If you die so will I.

I couldn't stay in that room anymore so I got the keys to the room and locked it. I shut the door and went to play outside.My brother followed me out. "Oh look what bitch finally decided to come out of his room. The doll was locked in a room so I could finally say what I wanted to say. Your just an asshole who makes fun of other peoples problems! You're insecure so you take it out on me! You will never get any where in life if you keep doing this to people. I saw fear in his eyes. He looked at me. I looked behind to see the doll. I blacked out.

I woke up to see that I was in a car with my mom. We have to hide the body. We have to. She was chanting it over and over. I asked her what had happened. She looked at me shocked. Your awake? She said with nervousness. Your brother died she said under her breath. I broke down.

Even though I never liked him he was still my brother. He didn't deserve to die. We stopped at a lake in the middle of no where. My mom dragged a body from the trunk. It was the body of Nick. She told me not to look at it. She dragged it to the water and heard a splash.

My mom grabbed me and we got in the car. We need to go somewhere. Anywhere. She looked at a map. Were going to Mexico. She pointed to the map. We drove for a while. My mom kept staring back at me fear in her eyes.

The drove took days. Of course what did I expect driving all the way from Florida to Mexico. When we finally reached the boarder they did the id checks. Everything checked out. As we crossed my mom said something like "I guess that the body hasn't been found yet." We left into a town called Tulum.

The town was very nice. They had beaches and shops galore. My mom said that we should try to act like we were tourist so we went around doing what tourist would do. We went to the beaches. We did normal things like nothing had happened. Like my brother hadn't died.

My mom had a dour expression most of the time. She acted different around me. She acted scared of me. I had no clue what to do in this situation. My mom bought a hotel and we stayed there that night.

It was late in the night. I heard my mom talking about my brothers death. She was talking to someone. She was telling someone. The doll had followed us somehow. He was with me in the room. " I am going to kill her." Before I could stop the doll I heard the scream of my mother and blacked out again.

I awoke to find her dead. She had knifes shoved into both of her eye sockets. The doll was next to her body. "She was going to betray you. She was going to turn you in." It said these words as a knock was at the door.

It was a police. He saw the body and I was arrested. I was brought back to America.s brought to an integration room. They asked me questions. Why did you do it the investigator asked. I didn't I swear it was the doll I said. He laughed at me. We have video of you doing it.

The first video was a video of me slicing the tendons of the kid who had been bulling me. My eyes had a blank stare to them. Almost as if it wasn't even me. The second video was of me killing my mom. We were in a hotel room. I had knifes in both of my hands. I slowly dug two knifes into my moms eyes. She screamed in pain as they dug deeper and deeper. I looked at the camera shocked. That couldn't have been me. There was no that could have been me.After the videos were done playing I remembered everything I had done. The doll had never existed. When I told them about the trip to Germany they said there were no records of my family even going to Germany. They said all the facts pointed towards me. I was a killer.

Soon after I went to court. I was told that I should plead insanity so I did what I was told. I was kept in a white room. It had nothing in it. They allowed me to exit the room every once and a while. I even was able to get on a computer to write this. I wanted to write this so people would know what I felt and saw. I use to be normal but now I am a monster.

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