I was broke and needed money.Edit

1. I was broke and needed money.

That’s when you showed up…

2. Offered me a job I couldn’t refuse

A game to play,

I couldn’t loose.

3. You told me the rule to your game

1 rule only

A simple task, a lot of gain.

4. ‘That rule?’ You ask, It wasn’t sweet

‘The way to win?’

Look well, and neat

5. Sneak through the House

All sparkly new

‘I’ll watch for guards’ was said by you

6. I broke in through the window pane

While you stayed back upon the lane

7. After that, the alarm was triggered

‘All part of the plan’ was what I figured

8. Soon after that something was on me,

A hand, no claw was reaching for me.

9. And through the darkness I saw you,

By the pane your smile shined trough.

10. The game you played, it was not fair.

I was tortured, fought and killed right there.

11.The rule you had, it wasn’t sweet.

The way you won?

You wanted meat.


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