'Being immortal. Never dying. Injury, violence, or even disease. All things of the past. Seems like a dream, right? It’s more of a nightmare. Sure, being able to do whatever you want is cool at first. Eventually, though, you realize it isn't so enjoyable. You see the sad things in life. You watch them slowly die. Maybe peaceful, maybe slow and painful, or just plain agonizing. Lot of people see their parents die, though. Nothing new. Your best friends, the ones that were always there for you, you watch them die in possibly painful deaths. There is nothing you can do. You keep living life. You live through many wars, massacres, plagues. Watching so many people die, right before your eyes. It starts to get to you, mentally. Then your beautiful, loving, innocent, caring wife goes. The one who loved you with all of her heart. The one who gave everything for you. She dies as well. You cannot do anything to stop the suffering that has been cursed upon you. There are periods in your ever-lasting life when things aren’t too bad, but they never last long.

Then go your children. You have raised them, nurtured them, and watched them grow. You watched them become successful people in life and have kids of their own. But, unfortunately, you watch them slowly die. The very human beings you cared so much for all throughout your life, like the rest, are gone. You will realize at this moment, this is worse than death, torture, or anything you could imagine. You try not to make any relationships, because if you do, you will eventually lose them. No matter how many friends you make, wives you marry, children you have. They will all die. There is not a thing you can do about it. When this fact sets in for a bit, you start to lose it. You seclude yourself from all forms of life, making sure you don't make any connections with anyone or anything. You do not want to put yourself through any more hell than what you’ve been through already. Even after multiple attempts at suicide, you are still here. Alone. For hundreds of years. After everything you’ve gone through, the worst part of it is, it will never stop. The pain, suffering, the cry for sweet, sweet death. None of it will ever stop.'

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