In a dream, I ate and ate

Delicious meals on a silver plate

Another dish laid before my eyes

It was a meal I could not despise


A spherical object, I gasped in its sight

It was about the size of a small melon, to my delight

I touched it a bit, and began to feel

It felt so soft, so smooth, so surreal

The inside was hard, but my hunger knew no bounds

I knocked on its exterior and it made no sounds

The inside was not hollow, that much was true

Hopefully filled with delectable fruit, my hunger grew

I picked it up, drew it closer to my face

I smelled its aroma and my mind began to race.

Just like that, I went in and took a bite

But I couldn't break through, even with all my might.

I weakened the shell by gnawing on it a bit

I heard a crack and my eyes became lit

I gnawed some more, finally breaking through the shell

I took a big whiff, and nearly dropped down and fell

It smelled like heaven, the greatest thing in existence

I couldn't hold it in any more, there was no more resistance

I dug my hands in and grabbed some fruit

The juices began to splatter all over my suit

I shoved it in my mouth, and I was euphoric

It was the greatest thing I had ever tasted, truly historic

I dove in for more, I began to crave

This fruit was my master, I its slave

I devoured it in minutes, I was covered in juices

The bottom of the shell remained, it had no real uses

What was left of the fruit sat there, lying on my plate

The greatest meal I had ever had, there was no debate

There was still some fruit left, to my surprise

I began to pick it up and let it meet my eyes

I tilted it down and drank what remained

I then tore the fruit apart in two, seeing the strength that I had gained

Sadly, in a flash, the dream had already ended

I was lying down, trying to remember a dream so splendid

I looked over, happy I was with my son in bed

However, I nearly died of fright when I saw his torn apart head.


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