Did you know the meaning of the word insanity is doing the same thing over and over without even the slightest change? Like addiction, I have an experience with going insane. 

17 days after being released from the mental institute I was held at I quit World Of Warcraft for good. I had found an interest in the games of the past since I Am a very late 90's kid and had not played them being to young of course. My favourite by far was the NES and that was a mid 80's system. 

Super mario bros 2 was by far my favourite and I played it whenever I could, not going into my sleep of course. If you are wondering what happens in mario 2 well it's the black sheep of the mario games as you throw things and solve puzzles similar to a Zelda game but 2D. Anyway my mother knew how much I loved that game so she bought me a NES with Mario 2. 

The NES was in pristine condition It to be around. I was always gentle when inserting and removing mario 2 because I treasured it. All i did in that game was throw fruit I wasn't even past the first level...but I didn't care. School without the game was horrible I felt cold inside. So i started taking it to school.  

That was not even the worst of it. Because I started food fights in school using fruit just to...please the game. That game was my overseer. In class I picked up the teachers apple and threw it at a child. My mother started to worry and called the institution, I was due to go back in a week. I had a fit I ran to the kitchen and threw an apple at my mother...that was it. 

The institution would not even let me near fruit. This cursed place had trapped a thousand souls. I barged through the guards and ran for the fruit. I threw it at everyone and then, was sent to "Hell on Earth". My room was like a prison cell I felt locked out from the rest of the world. I clawed at the door until A package arrived It was the NES. All I did for who knows how long was sit in the corner holding it tightly in my arms. I did it so much without moving that they ad to inject me with my food.

The thing to remember is not to fear curses but to fear what your mind can do to you.  

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