Today four people were reported dead. They were found inside Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria. The four victims are as following Jacob Fenuto age sixteen, Mary Fenuto age thirty six, Jenna Keller age thirty nine and Riley Davidson age forty one. Local news stations were on the scene quick as possible and tried to interview Joshua Taylor; the man who had found the four bodies. He was asked to describe what he found and this is what he said. Upon the re-opening of Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria we (the staff) are expected to keep inventory and report all things in a well organized matter. It's been four weeks since we re-opened and we just had ordered a new suit for the restaurant. The issue is v22354. I was going in at six forty-five A.M. to get the money from the newly added arcade, build the new ram suit, and check inventory.

As I drove up to the restaurant I noticed the door was wide open. The door seemed to been unhinged suggesting that it had a force greatly applied to it. I quickly walked in to see what had happened. There was an odor so palpable that I almost threw up my lunch. I walked around to look for a light switch. To my surprise the power was out. I went into a far back room and turned on a back up generator. With the lights now on I could see where I was going. I walked down one of the halls and saw what seemed to be a corpse of a women. (He stops for a few moments as he starts to gag then he continues.) Her head seemed like it had been ran over by a truck. I looked for a way to I.D. her and found a drivers license in her pocket. It had the name Mary Fenuto on it. I continued to inspect the body.

It seemed that she had been killed at the least an hour ago. I walked into the back room with the cameras. The robots were still in their places. Upon going into the party room I noticed that some of the furniture was out of place. The furniture was sprawled about and the stage seemed to have a slight bend to it. I also found a trail of blood going into the bathroom and upon going to the bathroom I found the dead body of the guard Joshua who I was close friends with. He had his stomach slit open and his organs pulled out. He had a dead rabbit in his lap that had been killed the same way. Joshua was going to get married this month.(He stops and almost starts crying but continues.) After leaving that area I went to the area the costumes were held to find two costumes on the floor. One was a suit we were going to take parts out of for Chica (She was having problems running lately) and the other one was v22354. It was a ram. Looking inside of the Chica costume I found another body. It was so mangled I couldn't tell who it was. I looked over at the Ram costume to find that it had a aries necklace next to it. In the hands of the costume was a pencil and a notebook. I picked up the notebook. It seemed to me that someone wanted it to be found. It had all but these pages ripped out. ( He's holding the notebook now and reads out loud what it says to the news cast):

Dear journal today I went to the reopened Freddy Fazbear’s  pizzeria. My cousin Ariana, age nine, was going to have a party today. She had turned nine about two days ago but we were not able to book a party until today. I was driving my car to the pizzeria. My mom was going to drive in a separate car and was going to pick up Ariana, and my aunt. Her friends will be driven here by their own parents. The drive took a monumental amount of time and I spent most of the time staring out the window and looking at the clouds and then I started to think about life. Eventually I thought about a something I was asked. I had been asked a question by my friend Sarah at school. She had asked me “If you had to hurt someone because it would stop yourself from experiencing pain would you?" Now of course my first thought and response was "no." But as I thought about it more and more, I wondered if I would really stick by those words. As I thought about this I was not paying attention to the road and almost rear ended the car in front of me. I quickly swerved a little to the left preventing a wreck. The man in the other car screamed some harsh words and showed me a finger that I felt was earned on my part.

I arrived at Freddy's. None of Ariana's friends were there. It seemed that none of them were going to come. But despite that Ariana had fun anyway. Ariana screamed in delight as she played in the newly arrived ticket blaster. She used her shirt to catch tickets in and actually had the highest ticket  you can get in her hands. I clapped for her as she let out a little kid victory scream and everyone around who was watching cheered (even people we didn't know). My aunt Jenna didn't seem impressed and said “So what, big deal.” That made me a little bit mad. Afterwards we went off to go play arcade games like she hadn't said that.

We only played one game though. It was a shooter cabinet, if you can even call it that. The game was called Pizza Shooter and you could choose one of the four animatronics to play as. Ariana choose Bonnie because it was purple and was a rabbit which was her favorite animal. Now notice how I referred to Bonnie as "it". When she was playing the game I said out loud “Make him shoot the pizzas into the pizza boxes!” Upon saying that I instantly was corrected by a passer-by who said it was a she. Then another person showed up to counter argue it being a she and instead said it was a he. The group of irrational people arguing over a robot's gender slowly got bigger and bigger crowding around the cabinet. Screaming and fighting ensued and insults were thrown. I quickly grabbed Ariana out of the forming crowd. A fist fight broke out and I covered Ariana’s eyes. After the men were escorted out we continued the day like normal. I wondered what was wrong with the people here but we went back to the cabinet and I continued to watch Ariana play the game.

After a while she realized she wasn't so good at playing and asked “Jacob, can you help me? I can’t play this well and I want more tickets." I was happy to oblige and started playing the game. As I looked at the characters on the start screen I realized how eerie these characters really were. Their eyes were human-like and seemed to be popping out. Their heads humongous. They were just creepy all together. I played the game anyway despite being creeped out. I started shooting pizzas into the boxes. The boxes were then picked up by a delivery man and he walked out the door. I got to level 5. When I got there text quickly popped on the screen. "Five nights, five children." Then words appeared on the screen reading "You won!" We won 5 tickets. We combined those with the tickets she had won in the Ticket Blaster. Even still she couldn't get any of the big prizes but was able to buy a Bonnie mini stuffed toy. I thought to myself how much of a ripoff it was and went back to the table.

When we sat back at the table Ariana whispered something shocking to me. She said, "Why are there so many black people here? They scare me." My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe what I had heard. Now let me give some back story here. Ariana is a mix. Half black and half white. Her mother Taylor is also my cousin. Jenna who is the mother of Taylor dumped her (Taylor) on my grandmother (her mom) at a young age. When Taylor grew up she dumped Ariana on Jenna when Ariana was a baby. Since Jenna was the racist of my family I assume Ariana had heard things that Jenna had said and they had influenced her. Now, this made me angry. Jenna was now starting to really piss me off. She pissed me off so bad that I wanted to go up to her and punch her in the face. But instead of doing that I sat down with Ariana and had a discussion with her. "Ariana, African Americans and Caucasians may have different skin colors but that doesn't make them bad or mean or scary. They are human like everyone else. Skin color does not affect how people act. Got me?" I asked. “Ok, I get you,” She replied. I told Ariana I would be right back and went to my mother. I told her about the situation.

My mom is a very calm person and acted that way when I told her. She said she would have a discussion with Jenna. My mom walked up to Jenna and said she couldn't be teaching Ariana these things. Jenna then said “I don't give a fuck what you think about my parenting, Mary!” An argument flared up. I once again covered Ariana eyes. From what I could tell my mom kept her cool and didn’t raise her voice. On the other hand Jenna was a different story. She was screaming. Cursing and mean remarks filled the room mixed with the kiddie-music from the speakers and from where I was standing Jenna looked like the biggest idiot ever. Once the staff showed up and told Jenna she needed to calm down or she would be asked to leave the room went calm again. I said to Ariana "This place has a good way of making people want to argue." Ariana giggled at that remark. I let out a laugh too.

Afterwards it was time for cake and Ariana couldn’t wait to dig in. The cake was a mixture of the colors purple, pink, and blue. It had Bonnie on top. I had booked the party, bought the cake, and bought her a present all with the money from my part time job. We sang the ever-so-original birthday song and then she blew out the candles. She made a wish but said it out loud. "My wish is that we all have so much fun that we will all die!" Her choice of words was weird but I knew what she meant. I said to her "If you say your wish out loud is does not come true! Besides, aren't we already having fun?" She only replied “They told me we will have a lot more fun soon!” She said it very joyfully but it still sent shivers down my spine. Who could have said that to her? I had been with her the whole time. I asked who had said that to her. She answered with the reply “Bonnie told me.” At this point I started to laugh. Bonnie can’t say that Ariana. She then told me "They are watching us very carefully." The humorousness of the situation went away and I started to get very weary of the situation.

I cut what could have been an hour long conversation down by saying “Who wants presents?!” Ariana immediately sprang out of her seat screaming “I do! I do!” I said "Okay, let's start this shindig then." My mom gave her a present wrapped in a pink bow. Purple dots and yellow daffodils covered the wrapping. She said "I hope you like it honey" as she gave it to Ariana. If only my mom would have paid more attention she would have known Ariana is allergic to daffodils. But nonetheless Ariana didn’t care and ripped right into the wrapping paper. Once unwrapped it was revealed that the present she had been given was a robotic toy dinosaur. Now believe it or not, even though Ariana liked some girly things, she loved dinosaurs. She loved going to the dinosaur exhibit we went to about a year ago. She loved the toy so much she squealed loud enough to make my ears ring.

I took my eyes off my family to look at where the animatronics would be performing in a couple of minutes. I could have sworn Freddy's head was poking out from behind the certain. I quickly looked away and then back. When I looked back nothing was there. I focused my attention back to Ariana. She was trying to open the box and get the dinosaur out. But before she could I asked "Do you at least want to see the present I got you?" Her eyes lit up as I lifted a huge box on to the table. The box had multiple holes in the top. I waited with anticipation as she opened the box. Inside there was a rabbit in a cage and for this occasion its fur was dyed purple. She screamed "Oh my gosh! This is the best thing in the history of ever!" She then said she going to call it Bonnie. I asked her mom Jenna what she had gotten Ariana. Jenna said that her birthday present was having a home, food, and water. Jenna had a well to do job and had enough money to get Ariana a present. I must have had a disgusted look on my face because when I looked at her she got an angry expression and said she was going outside to smoke a cigarette.

Ariana then looked at me and said she had a present for me. I found that pretty weird. "You're giving me a present on your birthday?" "Yes I am," she replied. She said "Here you go," and then handed me a necklace that had the symbol of an Aries. This surprised me. I had never told Ariana my birthday and even if I had I doubted that a nine year old would even know what a zodiac is. I asked where she had gotten it from and she said she found it on the floor. Now since I didn’t really believe that I went outside and asked Jenna. When I asked where did Ariana get it from she only replied “If I wouldn’t get presents for her why would I get presents for you?”

I went back inside and sat down at the table. Right on time, my mom said. It was time for the animatronics to start their sing and dance routine. They sang cheery songs. Ariana seemed to know every word by memory even though that had been the first time we had ever been there. I tried to sing along but was failing miserably. The lyrics were not on a screen or anything of the sort. There was no way to really even tell what they were saying but Ariana knew it perfect. Jenna had still not came in and was still outside smoking a cigarette or so I thought. As we sang Bonnie stared me down, or at least I felt like it was. Its glare locked onto me. As they finished their last note of the song all of them faced me. I almost felt like I was going to go into a panic attack.

At this point I was not wanting to stay any longer. The arguing and the creepy looking robots just made me want to leave. So I begged my mom to leave but she said it would be rude and if I left I would be grounded. I went to leave anyways but turned back when I heard the sniffling of Ariana. I couldn't just leave her. It was her day and I didn't want to ruin it. So I stayed. It was getting late and after looking outside we couldn’t find Jenna anywhere. My mom decided this time was a good time to talk about Jenna. "Jacob you can't go around judging people like that." My only response was asking what my mom was talking about. Look Jacob, Jenna may be mean somtimes but she means well. She has been going through a lot lately. It's best to remember that." "Ok mom," I said to her.

A night guard had showed up an hour early before his shift started. He was there to get people to leave the premises. But because we couldn’t leave until we found Jenna we stayed with the guard where he was setting up his post. Mom went around and searched for Jenna but came up empty handed. My mom insisted that we stay the night in case Jenna showed up but the guard just told us to go home. My mom refused and said we were staying put until Jenna was found. They exchanged harsh words. I was thinking to myself that we had dealt with too many arguments for one day. As I looked out the door I saw a pair of glowing eyes. The guard must have seen it too because he quickly shut both doors. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, we're so dead...' he said in a mumbling tone.

After a while of being trapped in, my mom protested that we could not be locked in a room against our will. The guard repeatedly said shut up. When my mom refused to, her face was greeted by a back hand delivered from the guard. It left a reddish blue tint on my mom's face. Ariana was crying loudly now. The guard tried to give a justification to what he had just done. It didn't matter to me. I clenched my fist and hit him hard enough in the face to knock him out. Now not knowing what to do all three of us panicked. I felt stupid for going on pure instinct in knocking out the only guy that knew what was going on. As I looked outside through the small window I saw what seemed to be Chica staring in at us. Looking at the power we saw that it was at ninety eight percent. We will keep both doors closed. Ariana was crying. We heard scratching at the doors. The never ending scratching. Does it ever cease? I saw a fox on the camera. Something was staring at me through the window.

Fuck. I fell asleep. I don’t know how but I did. In such a stressful situation how the fuck does a person fall asleep?! I didn't see my mom or Ariana. They were nowhere to be seen. The guard wasn’t here either. The doors were wide open. I heard shuffling. I exited the room. Beyond the room I was in was the party room. I didn’t see Freddy or his friends. Upon exiting the room I heard what seemed to be laughter. Every time I was looking one way I felt as if something was behind me. But when I looked behind there was nothing there. I felt like I was being toyed with.

I walked around and then heard what seemed to be crying. A soft whimper barely audible. I got closer to the source. It was almost pitch black so I felt out what seemed to be some sort of dresser. Slowly I opened the door and inside was Ariana. Quickly I pulled her out. She started chanting about being watched. "We're being watched, we're being watched," she was saying. Then I heard slamming and screaming from down the hall. It sounded to be the scream of my mother. I quickly ran to the area where the noise was coming from with Ariana close behind. I was shocked to see Freddy's hands wrapped around my mom's head. Upon seeing me he grabbed me by the throat and held my mom with the other hand by the head. My mom then whispered the words "choose me," under her breath. As she said that the hand of Freddy slowly crushed her head. She screamed in pain and agony. I was held by the other hand and thus was being forced to watch. The grip tightened more and more until what used to be my mom's head was just a clump of skull fragments and smashed up brain. I fell to the floor choking and crying.

"Mom," I said the word over and over as if it would magically fix what was done to her. Ariana who had been hiding behind the corner said to me "Jacob we have to go now. There is nothing we can do about her. She's dead." Realizing she was right I quickly got up. I heard more noises farther off down the hall. Quickly Ariana and I hid in a dresser. I heard loud footsteps. CLUNK. CLUNK. CLUNK. CLUNK. CLUNK. They stopped in front of us. Slowly the cabinet door was being opened. A hand reached in and grabbed me by my hair. The one pulling me out seemed to be a Fox. It pulled me out and held me in the air. It slowly started to dig its hook into my face, but not for long. It started slamming me into the nearby table. It picked me up and slammed me on the floor then it grabbed me by my left leg and began to slam me into the wall. It then picked me up again and threw me on the stage.

Ariana called the fox over to her. As it ran at her she pushed a shelf on it. Knowing that wouldn't hold it down for long I grabbed Ariana and I had a plan. I taunted the fox with the most aggressive words I could think of. It pushed the shelf off and did a full on sprint at me. It tried to tackle me but I dodged it. It slammed into the door breaking its hinges and smashing the door open. As this happened all the rest of the gang seemed to come from nowhere. They all charged at us as we ran for the door. As the hand closed around me and her I had to make a choice. Would I be able to let myself suffer so someone else wouldn’t have to? I knew that if I grabbed her and tried to run we both wouldn’t be able to make it. She wouldn't make it. I had to make a choice; me or her. I quickly grabbed her and pushed her out of the enclosing hands. She stared at me as she was pushed out of the range of their hands. I looked into her eyes and screamed as loud as I could. "Run now!" She stared at me. I once again said it. The second time she heard it she started sprinting down the street. She looked back at me one last time tears in her eyes. The hands enclosed on me, dragging me to the floor.

I was now being dragged across the floor into a back room. They left me in a corner and stayed perfectly still just staring at me. I looked around around the room and noticed that rows of animatronic costumes were on the walls. Then I figured out the whereabouts of Jenna because inside of a suit was a mixture of torn flesh, muscles, and bone. She was still alive inside. She spat out some words that were almost impossible to understand. "I was never a good person and I will never get the chance to change. I wanted what was best for Ariana even if I didn't show it. I wanted her to be tough so she would never have to go through what I went through. I loved her in my own way and now I will never get to show it. Maybe I was never meant to."

Freddy had seemed to notice Jenna talking now and turned around. He slowly jabbed his fist into the suit smashing Jenna inside. I quickly looked away and gagged. I heard the sound of crushing bones and the screams of Jenna. After a good while the screaming stopped. Not even Jenna deserved that. I stopped thinking about Jenna and worried for my own well being. Were they going to do the same to me? They handed me a notebook as if wanting me to write down what was happening or maybe what was going to happen. If I even stopped for a moment I would have a hook dug into my hand. They checked the notebook and ripped out the parts they didn't like. When I was done and they liked what I had written Freddy grabbed my necklace and ripped it from my neck. It stared at it for a few moments but not for long. I heard a noise. They were dragging in what seemed to be a suit of a ram.

I am going to be killed. This is my final entry. If I somehow live I will tell the world (the text ends there).

After reading the notebook I went to the arcade and called the police. The police seemed to think that a crazy person got into here and killed everyone. But looking at the bodies it doesn't seem that way to me. I am going to quit my job.

That was all Joshua Taylor had to say. He quit his job the very next day. Even though a body had been stuffed into the Ram suit it is still going to be used anyways. It was cleaned thoroughly and is perfectly fine said Henry Bucks an employee working at Freddy's. This has a lot of parents concerned. Parents are saying things such as why would they use a suit they a murder victim was shoved into and some parents don't think it was a murder at all but was a case of malfunctioning robots. Either way this is going to add another new stain to Freddy's reputation.

Parents have reported finding papers that say things such as "I miss her," and "Don't trust the rest." One paper said that "Freddy and Foxy are cruel." When Freddy's pizzeria was asked if the new suit worked and why they didn't get a new suit they said that it was working perfectly and they couldn't afford a new suit. Some parents while at the shows with their kids realize that Ramssie stays by himself most of the time. The rest of the gang stays at the right. Ramssie stays at the left. Parents swear that sometimes they can hear a sounds like a crying coming from it. The staff says its just the sound of its motors. According to some parents that went there with their kids it seemed to walk around of its own free will. Some children even told their parents Ram said things like "Many people have died here," and "Be careful not to lose your way or you may never find your way back." Due to these multiple events some parents say they should get rid of Ramssie. Sometimes he plays the song "Adagio for (the) strings." He also sometimes seems to stare into space. He's just too depressing says Kayla Martin, a woman who had brought her child to the pizzeria that week.

The investigation continues. The only survivor of the incident Ariana Keller age nine was taken to the police by a man by the name Henry Thomas. He said that she was at his door step asking for help. She said that monsters were trying to get her. I went around looking in the neighborhood for her parents but after a long time spent searching I took her to the police. It's a shame what happened, just a shame. "Despite the horrible situation that happened, parents continue to bring their kids, and despite what you think about Freddy's it will continue to thrive" says the new manager of Freddy's.  Police have not come to a conclusion on what really happened. Upon looking through the camera recordings it seemed that they had all been tampered with beyond repair. "We are still investigating the matter and we will be sending some people over the next few months to get evidence to support murder or maybe even something else," says Mason Lorean.


(OOC I was asked how Ramssie would act in game. Now since this would take place in between Fnaf 1 and 2 there would be no doors. He most likely would walk in and stare at you for a some time. He will stand there untill you do one of 2 things. 1 put your mask on. 2 look at the cameras. When you put your mask on that split second the mask block the screen he will disappear. Left behind will be a note. The same will happen when you raise and lower your cameras. The note will ask a question. If you anwser right only once nothing will happen. He will visit you multiple times throughout the nights. If you anwser all the questions right then he will save you from the other animatronics. But only once. The questions will be based on the things around you. Such as how many pictures of Chica are there? You also cannot bring up your cameras untill the question has been answered. Also if your wondering what time this takes place I will tell you. It takes place before the 2nd game. In my storyline they made the new robots and then reopened the place. They added an arcade. They continue to add things later on but during the storyline only the arcade has been added. The redesigning of the guard room and most of the pizzeria has not happened yet.)

Written by - Bsjak

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