It began with a game I found on eBay. A Super Nintendo game. It was titled Transformers: More than Meets the Eye. I remembered the fun I had with my old Sunstreaker action figure after seeing this game on eBay. I bought it and began playing.

It had the nostalgic 80's theme song after beginning the game. You could choose from five different characters: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Smokescreen, and Sideswipe. I was looking forward to playing as Sunstreaker, but I was stuck with these guys. I chose Optimus, who was my second favorite autobot.

The game began at Tyger Pax. I was walking down the passageway when, after a minute, corpses of other autobots were lying on the ground. One of them was Sunstreaker, too! When I saw the corpses, I realized they weren't playable because they trie the game, but failed.

Soon, I saw Megatron standing there and staring at Optimus. There was blood red text saying:

"It ends here, Optimus. Now die!"

Megatron transformed into some gun I couldn't identify at all. He then shot Optimus straight in the spark, leaving him lying there, motionless and expressionless.

I was soon back to the character select screen. Optimus was dead, but somehow, the others except for Sideswipe were missing. I chose Sideswipe (being it my only choice left) and began playing.

I was back at Tyger Pax. I couldn't jump, but all I could do was run left or right. I went right for a bit. Soon, I saw the corpses of the autobots again, but this time Optimus was there, motionless. Soon, I could only run left. Megatron was running and gaining up behind me. All of a sudden, Sideswipe was shot by Megatron, but now he had blood coming from his chest.

The same red text appeared again. I turned of the SNES immediately and took the cartridge out. I blew on it thinking it was hot, but it actually wasn't.

Since then, I decided that I would never play it until I fixed both my SNES and the cartridge. If you see a game you know never was released for a game system, DO NOT play it, just warning.

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