From the lecture,

To and fro;

I felt a breeze grow in texture;

Upon my neck it did start low.

Only did it grow mighty;

The one thing unbearable in sight;

Oxygen was given rightly;

Yet all grew in the night.

Awakened by pain;

Unflinching but sain;

Underneath the skin it came.

And through demeanor of such the bugs did uphold;

By which came thus a deathly hue;

Was found myself untold;

Something unfathomably new.

Proclaimed sewn dead;

The scientists could have fled;

But in time they fed until not more but said.

And in science through religion,

There designated in sight I found two;

The bacteria still arisen;

A couple of the remaining few.

However the statue did crumble;

And the dream founded began its fumble;

Myself created so humble.

Simple science ignored yet again,

In hopes of declining,

That evermore sense of dying through man’s hatred for a can’t and love for a can.

We tried to save this world,

But all we found was disease in the air;

The place now a desolate tear;

Of which we are bound in the gnarled.

I am alive, one that lived. Through oxygen man thought of glory and redemption; but by simple science, the bacteria grew with the purified air. Yes, I survived, yet so did they, and no longer do I have sense of surroundings, nor of senses in physicality.

I survived the savior; will you?

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