IT is a good thing.

IT is always a good thing.

IT is what keeps me alive.

I love IT, and I give IT to others.

IT can come in many forms, physical, supernatural, and so on.

IT is everywhere, and IT happens all of the time.

IT can be good or bad, and you can’t stop IT, no one can.

I just deliver IT to others, and I enjoy every second of IT.

Some people want IT, others don’t.

To be honest, I think IT is necessary for your very own existence.

People need to give IT to survive, but they just don’t understand IT right now.

Some people deserve IT, others don’t. But IT happens in the end either way.

IT changes us forever. IT molds us into different people, but after a bit, they don’t mind IT.

Some people think IT is unfair, to those people who say that, I don’t really care because IT gets them either way.

Heck, one day, IT will get me. The only difference is that I will be satisfied with accomplishments and they will not.

If you need to know what IT is so badly, the IT I am referring to… is Death.

Sweet, relaxing Death.

Death is needed for existence, the the future. Death is what everyone will get someday, whether they like it or not.

But in order to survive longer, I found out, you need to give Death to others.

I learned this the hard way, I killed people to get this far in life. Killed the people of this terrible excuse of a world because Death broke me.

Molded my mind to bring Death to as much people as I could.

It was like I was Death’s apprentice. Following every order it gave me.

I needed the Death of others for myself to live.

No one understands the true nature of life, and how to live it correctly. They do not know what killing can accomplish.

For of course, you don’t want Death, so you pass it on others, right? You give them the disease that you inherited before. It is the perfect survival system.

Overall, what I am saying in conclusion is that I think IT is a good thing.

I think Death is a good thing.

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