Note:This is my first Creepypasta, so please admins, don't delete and actually fix it. Anyways, Enjoy the story!

In the year 1863, a Docter, Dr.Job, had a son who had a Jack in the box collection, but these Jack in the box toys were made with metal due to the fact plastic was really pricey at the time, so he got ones that were metal. One time he decided to see if you can use metal as a replacement in a human body. So he had to think of an idea. He thought about testing it on his kid, but he didn't want to risk an injury or death on him, so he decided to kidnap people.

So he had to find a random person. He thought about his brother. So he went to his and had a best friend of his to capture him once he's about to pass out.

Once his brother passed out, his best friend captured him. Job went to his basement in the house and tied him on a chair. Dr. Job cut the arm's skin. 

After that, his brother started to lose blood quickly, so he blocked more blood from coming out of the arm. After that, he put metal in the arms as a bone to move fingers. After that, he Glued the skin back on his brother's arm.

A day later, The metal failed to move and shattered every part of the arm. The arm itself ripped off. The brother's son saw that happening. The son cried for 3 hours until his mother arrived to found out his husband bled out.

The Mother quickly grabbed the phone and called 9/11. The Doctor was sent to prison for life for killing his own brother during his sick experiment.


Story Created by: CoffeeDEMONReAL

Based off: Russian Sleep Experiment.

Gramer warning

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