The information here has been found in a diary that seems to be from medieval times due to the story having a lack of electricity or modern well, anything:.

I guard the dungeons every night but I've never seen anything quite like this. I was patrolling, as usual. I thought I heard one of the cells open, and I ran over to it. The dungeons are empty tonight, but it didn't matter, a cell opening is still a cell opening. Leaving my lantern on my hip lit, I approached the area the noise came crom. Checking cell by cell, I combed through every single nook and cranny in the room. But to my surprise, nobody was there. Not even a door was open like I had expected. I raised my eyebrow, but carried on. I attempted to convince myself that it was just the wind, but I made sure that the exit to the dungeons was open in case I needed to bolt out.

(Page was torn)

I runded the corner, entering the area I had originally had my suspicions of, and one of the cell doors was open, as opposed to the first time I went through the area. I called out, trying to flush out anyone who might be hiding. I continued to walk trhough, checking every cell again. I swear I saw a person in one of them, but when I backed up to check a second time, there was nbobody there.. I wouldn't astand for any of it, drawing a knife I patrolled the area once more. I decided that my shift wasn't as important as my sanity. I walked toward the exit, but the light from the torches that were always lit (assuming anyone was around) did not resonate to my loc-

(Page is torn)

There is no way out... I keep seeing people and I continue to look around for an exit, assuming that I got lost and I'm in a state of hysteria. I can't continue on like this. (Page is torn)

I can't fin an exit.. They draw nearer and nearer and I don't think I can take much more of this...

*A drop of blood is on the page*

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