If there is anyone reading this, I am begging you, please call for help. My name is Jonathan Blight, it is January 7th 2013, and I have been trapped in my home for a week. Not just my home, my whole town. I'm scared and I want to run but I can't. For the past seven days, three men have been roaming the streets, and they're doing something to the people they find.

The police are nowhere to be found, no one is picking up when I call 911. No one is picking up anywhere, no matter who I call. No one's car will start, and I will not try running, I won't risk it. The power in my home is out, I only have my cellphone, and I've already wasted what energy was left in my extra energy pack thing to keep it on. I've tried getting an internet connection using my phone's own internet thing but the most I've gotten is one website before the thing stopped working. I'm going to try again once this I'm done writing this, and pray to God someone gets this.

I am at 233 Benjamin Road, Lordsdale Michigan. The town is covered in fog, but if you can see through it, look for the big red house with the large window. Please, get here quick, and for the love of God do not be seen by the three men. They're wearing monk robe things, their skin is ashy, and they have red marking or drawings or cuts all over their heads. I don't even know if you can run if they see you, but if you can, run. They're doing something to the people, that's all I know. I saw them walking down my street three days ago, and someone came up to them crying.

He fell on his knees and started praying to them or something, and the three men pulled him up and they walked away with him into the fog. I saw a woman two days ago run to the monks with a baby in her arms. She was sobbing and saying something, begging them, but I couldn't hear anything, I can't hear anything outside. The men took her baby and left her there. She just stayed there, crying on the road for hours, still crying when I went to sleep. She was gone when I woke up.

I don't know who these men are, they just appeared with the fog. I'm almost out of food and I can't go out there, please send help. They're going into houses now, and they're on my street again. I'm scared and I don't know what to do. Please, if anyon

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