It was a cloudy day, rain was coming down from the clouds and all.

It was time for school. I got my backpack ready.

I normally walk alone to school, that's because i had no friends.

It was time for math. And out of nowhere, a note was given to me.

I read it, apparently it was a note from the new kid. The note said “Want to be friends?” Someone behind me was waving to me.

It was the new kid. The teacher said “Come on Johnson! tell something about you.

Johnson responded “Hi everyone…..My name is Johnson and i am…...14 years old……” Johnson Sit down. It was time for recess.

Johnson went up to me. Normally i would sit down and watch the kids play. Johnson said “ Want to have fun?” I responded “yes”

Johnson said “Ok meet me tomorrow” I responded “Ok then…”  A day has passed. I wake up and i heard something from the window, it was johnson.

I went outside and johnson walk up to me and said “Now you hide in your parents closet!” I went back to the house.

I went to my parents room and got into my parents closet.

Johnson was in there with me too.

My heart got cold and didn't say a word. Johnson said “ Now i got a portal right here.

I look behind the closet and there was a portal. I tried to go to it, but johnson said “Don't go, you not strong yet”

I smacked johnson and went to the portal. It was dark, cold and noisily. I heard kids crying. Their was a door.

I open it and their were dead bodies that were kids. I wake up in my bed, johnson was next to me.

He had a different face however but i knew it was him.

He said “You should have not went to the portal” Johnson had a knife and i got out of the bed and ran to the hallway.

I screamed. Then Johnson said “ No one can hear you…” I wake up in my bed. Johnson next to me. Johnson said “

Want to play a game” This time i said “no” Johnson said “Ok then.. remember that you don't go to the woods!”

It's been 5 years now since i saw johnson. I drive to my old street. I went to the woods. Then i find a building that looks like its abandon.

Inside was dead bodies of kids. The room looked like it was Johnson’s room with the bodies.

It was johnson’s place. Johnson came out of nowhere. He said “Want to play a game?”

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