It’s so nice, plush and warm, here on the bed. As a young child brought to only the age of  11, it’s not hard to agree I was afraid of a monster. Most children of younger would find their bed a safe area of comfort and protection. Acting as though the bed had a large force field around it.

Collections of stuffed toys being smashed into the cracks and edges of my bed. And of course the favorite one. Mine was named Stuffing. A large plush dog, who I could barely bring my arms completely around. He was the one who protected me the most. My knight.

I don’t think tonight he’ll win. His fur has been cut so many times, he’s bleeding stuffing out. He’d die trying to protect me, he never protected me anyways.

Forcing my eyes to stay open was so hard. The cold air flowing straight at me, made me want to blink. It was like clockwork; every night I had to do this. It never failed to show, and it hated me.

Seven left…

I only have seven more blinks left. I started with ten, but it’s grown so hard. I’ve skipped the first ten already

Six left…

But it was much closer. I’m sure that it knows too. But I don’t want it to. I don’t want to.

Five left…

I swear it has a smile. Large teeth digging at each other, wanting the large mouth to be just its. I want to believe it’s not there, but it is. It’s happy to see me once again.

Four left….

Why won’t it just do it now. I’m tired of waiting.. I hate him.

Three left…

Please just let me go! I don’t want to! Monster, won’t you let me, just this night! I’ll do anything. I just want to feel alive once more.

Two left…

I can’t take it! The tears take me on, bring the feeling out. Letting the monster know, I didn’t want to.

One left…

It don’t have a choice. It’s going to get me. The monster. I’m not going to win. Stuffing drops to the ground.

Zero left…

...And it’s morning. I didn’t win, he won. Just like every night. And it’s going to win again. Just like every night.


What's the best part of a story? Besides what you know, it's what you don't know.

Mice Creepypasta :D


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