I was a curious kid. So I looked at the woman. She stilled smiled at me. While down below my friends were still calling out to me. I pulled to switch to see what she was talking about. As I pulled to switch I heard a loud banging noise. The noise was of the front door. I saw my friends trying to leave the house. I went down there to see them and try to unlock the door from them. But while on my way down there I heard a loud noise. It sounded like chains. My friends saw me and yelled at me. I ran down stairs to them. When I got close to them something happened.

The chandlers came down. It crushed them. I was standing there. Watching them bleed. One of them had a glass shard through their head. The other neck was slit open. And the other one was cut in half. I screamed. I ran towards the door. I heard a small laugh. I looked behind me and it was the woman. She put her hand on my shoulder. She looked at me. She smiled. Afterwards I felt a sharp pain to my stomach. I saw… I knife. It was inside of me. I looked up at the woman and standing beside her. Was the man. The woman leaned towards me and said. “Now we can be a family”

It was a dare.

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