For some reason, people here seem to value my opinions. That's fortunate, since I tend to be pretty opinionated, and not ashamed to voice my thoughts. Often, those thoughts can be quite verbose, sometimes even at greater length than the story I'm talking about. For whatever reason, though, I've gained a bit of respect. So, I'll be taking a bit of shameless "inspiration", and following up on Marcus' SOG Pasta of the Year Awards with my own list of personal standouts. Enjoy.


1.) All pastas must have originated from this wiki.

2.) No inclusion of my own pastas.

3.) No votes, this is my personal opinion.


In order to keep things simple (and in no way to compensate for inactivity or general ignorance), I'll be breaking down my awards into only five categories.

Most Memorable

Best Squick

Most Unsettling

Best Twist

,,,and of course, my Overall Favourite.

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