Hello. It's me again. If you read my previous story about Super Metroid, I had another experience with a game for the NES: Kid Icarus.

Oh, how I enjoyed this game. I loved every little aspect of it! The fact that I play as an angel is just awesome!(Because I'm really into that kinda stuff!) Anyways, ever since the second game on GameBoy, and the third game on 3DS, I always held this franchise dearly.

It was a good day. After spending time at Chuck.E.Cheese's for my little brother's birthday, I felt the need to play a retro video game. You may already know what that game is.

I already found an NES emulator, (Which is called Nestopia) and a few ROMs, such as Metroid, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., Kung Fu, Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3. I finally decided I should get Kid Icarus.

After downloading my ROM, I was ready to play. I fired up my emulator and... the ROM worked!

After I got through the first stage, I was making vast progress since I had never played like this before. I was doing great, but when I got to the second stage, the music was gone. I didn't hear a thing. All I heard was Pit's footsteps, his arrows being shot, the enemies bursting into hearts and the sound that plays when you pick up a heart or hammer.

Then, I made a mistake and accidentally killed Pit. Instead of Pit jumping in the air, falling off the stage and the screen went black and read "I'm Finished!", instead, Pit dropped on the floor, lay there for 40 seconds before getting right back up and stare directly at the screen. But from what I could tell, he wasn't looking at the screen or what was in front of him.

He was staring at me with blood red eyes and tears flowing. Then a text box appeared.

"Why did you do this to me? If I was wrong for my actions and you did this on purpose, then I am very sorry."

I then... found myself crying the same way poor little Pit was. He could hear me and yet another text box appeared.

"It's ok. Maybe, you just always felt alone the same way I did."

I then noticed how he could hear me. My mic was plugged. I fumbled for the mic, and spoke to Pit.

"I'm sorry Pit. I didn't mean to kill you."

"It's ok. We all make accidents here in this world. Maybe you do too." Pit responded.

Then, the screen went black and then the title now read:

"Kid Icarus: Downfall" And where it said "An angel land story" now read this and Pit was staring back at me with a hearty expression.

"I forgive you, Diego."

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