As I see the ones who I once loved striken down, a new feeling is born inside of me. They look into my eyes, watching the monster take over who they think I really am. But they do not know this feeling. This is my bloodlust. I hear the bells of war ringing, the spurring of cavalry and the screams of townsfolk. They lock their doors and throw themselves on their knees, begging to the Lord for mercy. But it will not come. For I was taken from my power. And I will reclaim it. I once heard of stories of Vampires and Werewolves with a thirst for blood. But now I know what being bloodthirsty feels like. I relish every scream as I know that with every life taken, another step is taken towards my calling as King. I hear the Roman's horses now. Trotting forth, but with one flick of my wrist and they are nothing before me. I'm doing this for the greater good. For people who deserve better than the life my opponents have taken from them. And god forbid if this battle ends with a sword through my neck, I will be called home by Saint Peter in the Kingdom of Heaven. We have won. I see my enemies, crippled before me. While the generals are lighting their victory cigars, I am walking towards the keep, without a fear in the world. I step into the keep, and am greeted by the generals, who rejoice upon my arrival. I glide into a throne, and a crown is placed atop my head. My kingdom is safe, once more.

-Story behind 'Viva La Vida'

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