Realizing that a beloved game, has a dark tale behind it all. The death of a young boy, at the age of thirteen Sora is dead. Sora wanted to be a hero but failed. In his deep deep slumber he dream's of a world where he relives his day's to remember the day of his friends death. Sora was making a raft with his friends Riku & Kairi on a summer's day they went off the ocean blue to new adventures it was a dare given by Sora to see who is the best of them all, a tide came in and pull the raft as there efforts gave it there all it wasn't enough Riku & Kairi drowned that for they didn't know how to swim for . down they went to deep blue to see only none existing face's of there scream's back to Sora's face. Sora was luckily saved by drifting off on a peace of the broken raft. Slowly bringing him to a near by reef where a wave pulled him in to the bottom of the reef, his head was smashed to only see that the light is fading away, thus making the dark the heartless.

Sora now sleep's with his friend's in the ocean blue, for every night he relives his day's in purgatory on a beach, with his friends. suffocating to the sleep and no thought in mind that he really believes that he's not dead. He make's up these adventures from his dead figment of a mind mostly Disney character's that he had seen but even for they behold a dark secret he knew that all they had in common they are all dead.

For when his time came to burn in hell, his world went crashing down for the heartless came to take his soul forever, and who I might ask took his soul his dead friends that he took on the raft wanting for there revenge ripping his soul apart limb by limb his light faded to dark to nothingness.
Dead Sora by aecr