Some of you may have seen gameplay footage about a game called Kitty Powers' Matchmaker. it's a guilty pleasure game where you run your dating agency with the help of a Drag Queen, its not that well known but still many big youtubers like Pewdiepie, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have all done a video or two about it. as for me, i played it for at least 25 hours because i find the game addictive. strangely enough there is a very creepy bug hidden in the game that just waits to occur to some players...

it all happend a couple of hours ago to me, i was logging in on steam because i had nothing better to do. i tought of playing the game again and so i did. i was at the main menu where you can see the dating agency as well as your avatar. i pressed play and the loading screen popped up. that was very normal. i picked one guy who was looking for a woman as my client. i pcked a nice lady for him and then i had to choose the restaurant they whould go to, the way you pick a restaurant is like a shuffle game where you see a couple of envelopes each holding a diffrent flag of a country, this will decide which cuisine the restaurant will have as well as the difficult it will have. i got the french restaurant, and that's where the bug accured...

when normaly you first go to the salon where you can make up for client for the date i was already in the restaurant. and there where also already two people in the restaurant. but these people... seemed very off. they both looked excactly the same and they where completly white. this spooked me out and i wanted to continue with the game. but it did not respond at all. i could not even get to the main menu to return to the start up screen with the agency. i had no choice then but to turn off the computer. luckly it worked but still the image gave me chills.

when i reboted my computer and the game everything worked perfect. and so far the bug hasen't accured again.

i don't know why this bug accured neither do i know what it meant, there is a screenshot of the bug posted on the steam page of the game. but i will put it on here as well. i just hope nothing will happen to me...

What i saw

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