Pokémon...What to say about? It's well know as one of the best RPG franchises that's still to this day going strong. The Series has been around 20 years, since the first Pokémon game came out in Japan in 1996. If you have the Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green version you might know all about Lavender Town or the noble Purple town.

It's a small town which is home a Pokémon tower which is a grave site for dead Pokémon that pass away, even Cubone, which lost its mother to Team Rocket when she tried to protect her baby.

But I'm not here to tell you about the town, I'm telling you about the truth of the Lavender Town Tone or the Lavender Town Syndrome. The urban legend explains that these suicides and illness only occurred after the children playing the game reached Lavender Town, whose theme music had extremely high frequencies, which studies showed only children and young teens can hear since their ears are more sensitive.

Due to the Lavender Tone, at least two-hundred children supposedly committed suicide, and many more developed illnesses and afflictions. The children who committed suicide usually did so by hanging or jumping from heights. Those who did not acted irrationally complained of severe headaches after listening to Lavender Town's theme.

Children between the ages of 7 and 12 shortly after the release of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan. I didn't believe the story at first until a few month's back when I was at a baseball game. I was talking to a kid who also knew about the Lavender Town story. What he told me is that someone asked the CEO of Pokémon about the Lavender Town Syndrome legend and he responded by changing to a different subject.

I then looked this up on the internet after I got back from the game, and I found that someone did ask him about that. For about 30 minute I was on youtube about the Lavender town Story until I found a Beta of the Lavender town Music. Before I give you what happen after hearing it, here's the link on youtube ( After five minutes of listing to that music I got sick and passed out. I then later woke up on the fool. I then got up and turned off the computer and went to bed.

The next day I told some of my friends about this but they didn't believe me, make since. But I know that Game Freak and Nintendo know what happened 20 years back and guessed that it's going to happen again. (chuckle) How you may ask? Because it's going be it's anniversary - February 27 2016. 

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