BLAM! A crack in the wall appeared, nearly collapsing the fortress. The fort was made of simple wood and stone, yet it guarded the king. "Hey, Chief, you said this thing was made by our finest, right?" Said a timid looking guard. No one knew how much longer the fortress would hold. BLAM! Not much longer, if the gods kept targeting them. The guards of the fort hoped that the evil stars would not show their faces tonight. The evil stars were three stars that appeared in the sky at night, denoting the gods’ victory or losses. Three was the worst for the guards, and zero was best, you can probably guess how they felt for the rest, and it only took one Evil star for the gods to win a fight. The warriors in the fort heard glass break. The forces of the Evil Stars were close! They braced for impact. BANG! A red object flew by a sleeping guard into a support beam. The fort toppled with the king inside. One survivor remained in the aftermath, looking at the creature in the collapsed beam. It was Red, one of the forces of the dark, an angry bird. The bird un-impaled his beak from the wreck and flew at him. The last moment of his life ended with the bird lunging at him, and three stars in the sky. 

As the birds celebrated that night, they felt guilt, guilt like they never had felt before. They seemed to be slightly suicidal. One bird had even tried to persuade the gods to launch him out of the building because he was having hallucinations of a pig fortress. They all regretted that they had killed. Over time, they had all developed 'yard stares' states which they only stared off into space. The gods had betrayed them! The gods had sent them into a realm where time seemed to freeze completely. The Cloud.