I am often thinking of what my purpose is. Why am I here? Am I even human? Maybe it is just me who questions and asks if life is a great big joke? Is my life real, or is it simply a joke. I vaguely remember who I was. All my visions are blurry. When I try to think all I can remember is the color green. Why that color you might ask? Well, it is the color of insanity.

Is Life A Great Big Joke?

What was I back then, I don't know. What is my name, I don't know. The man who is the closest friend I have, always seems to call me a very interesting name, and now everybody seems to call me this Interesting name. What was that name? I simply can not remember anything.

Now I remember! I was once a soldier, or was I a comedian? No no no, I think I was a low life thug, but that does not seem to add up. Even if I did know who I was would I still be considered a clown or a FUCKING FREAK! I just need to think really hard and really really serious...... But then I remembered another thing: Why so serious? What could that mean? Is there a purpose for me or is my life a great big joke? I tend to look in the mirror and see a young and spirited man, almost as if I could be a funny and serious man. But is life my life a great big joke? The man who is behind the cowl is my friend and that man is me. I am the night, and I am the fright.

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