I woke up in the morgue wearing what appeared to be a patient's hospital gown. At the time, I couldn't fully remember what happened before I woke up. All I could remember was that there was a truck skidding and it went towards my car, knocking myself unconscious due to the impact. The doctors and workers inside of the morgue couldn't do anything to revive my body so they left me alone in the morgue, thinking that I was dead.

I looked at my feet to see if they attached a tag to one of them. Turns out they did. The tag had dirt all over it, so I could not find out my personal details or the apparent cause of death but I knew that it wouldn't reveal much anyway. I then looked over towards the open door, a faint light shining through the gap in the door.

I realized that the doorway was leading me towards the entrance of this old, dusty place. I walked through the empty hallways in total isolation, not expecting anyone to lead my way. When I walked past the security office, I noticed a small, portable radio inside a large, wooden box. I lifted the radio, switched the frequencies to a news broadcasting channel and I began to listen to it.

"Billions of people are dying because of devastating plague. During the next year, all humans are expected to be wiped out. Gas masks are being bought to fight against this plague," the radio blared out as I nervously stumbled towards the door. I opened the door to the entrance, only to find pale lifeless bodies everywhere. Due to my realization that there is no other human left on Earth, I fell onto my knees and began to weep. Every member of my family, my friends are all dead.

I kept weeping and weeping until I felt a comforting hand land on my shoulder. I began to smile as I heard the voice from the radio say, "Don't worry. You will be safe as long as you stay within my viewpoint."

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