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Hello my name is Thomas. But I'll be calling myself Tom. For awhile now I have been being stalked for around 2 months. It started off as a small crush but it turned into some next level scary shit. It all started one night when I was sitting in my family room playing Resident Evil Revelations 2 and I was playing the beginning. I was already a little jumpy because of the first part of the tutorial because there was a jumpscare. My windows were open because it was a warm winter where I live and I actually enjoy the cold more than the warm so I decided to let some of the semi-cold air into the room. A couple of times I saw the curtains move but there was little to no wind at all that night. It was around the beginning of December. I heard rustling around in the bushes but I just thought it was a mouse or something that got outside from the basement. So I went to the bathroom because I had to go for awhile. I went into the bathroom and I caught a glimpse of something moving really fast at the window. However I just thought it was just my imagination. My mind playing tricks on me or something. The entire time I was talking to a good friend of mine named Kevin (Kev) and when I left the bathroom I saw some creepy woman with black marker all over her face standing outside of my backdoor window. Then she just gave me the creepiest inhuman smile I have ever seen. Ear to ear. I was scared and nearly jumped out of my skin. I told Kev about it and he told me to wake up my Mom. I objected, telling him that she would be very angry if I woke her up at 3 in the morning that there was a face at my back door window. The face was already gone. So I barricaded the door with an old bookshelf. I never got any sleep that night. Then again I really don't get much sleep anyways because I have to stay up and check the fire in our wood stove because we have like no insulation in our house and using the heater costs a lot of money.

The next morning I decided to tell my Mom about this before I headed off to school. She told me that she wouldn't have been angry if I woke her up. I was angry at myself for not getting her up.

So at school Kev and I sat down at 9th period. It was health class. A new girl was transferred to our school for an unknown reason and she wouldn't tell us. We later learned that her name was Linda. I thought that we would get to know her and be friends. She seemed kinda off but I thought I could just get past that. I was wrong.... So terribly wrong. She sat down next to Kev and we had a group activity. She seemed to laugh at everything I said. We introduced ourselves and we all talked for awhile but she seemed kind of quiet.

So nothing really happened after that, but then halfway through the month she started passing me notes telling me that she really likes me. She started writing me poems and long love letters. I didn't like it at all.

On the last day of school before break she started giving me odd gifts such as necklaces and bracelets. One letter in particular had a necklace and it smelt odd. I looked it up when I got home and it supposedly was supposed to make a “love potion” of some kind. I learned that off of 4chan. I was scared at that point. I was learning that this wasn't just a simple crush, it was some kind of love she had for me. From that point on I just knew she wouldn't quit.

After break she brought a camera to school. Me and Kev were getting paranoid. Kev was scared for me. She started taking pictures of me. Everywhere. I heard little flashes and the little noise the picture makes when it comes out the camera and everything. I really didn't notice until Kev told me. You see, for some reason I just don't notice certain things. Like it's just a major flaw I have, I seem to focus on one thing while other things are going on. Who knows? Maybe there are some things that Linda was doing that Kev hasn't told me yet...

Then she started giving me food that was tampered with somehow. I... I recognized the smell of the food. It was the same smell from the necklace.... She was trying to make me ingest the love potion... Who knows what could have been in there?

Later in health class she looked at me and gave me a smile... I was mortified... It was the same... Exact... Smile from the door. I froze in fear and had a very painful and cold feeling in my chest. My heart dropped down into my stomach. That moment really felt like an hour. It was only around 10 seconds. In particular, the reason why she looked back at me was because we were on the sexual unit... We were learning about sex, rape, and people stalking one another... If I remember anything from health class it would be this moment.

A few days later she starts telling everybody that I was dating her. She even started telling her parents about her new boyfriend. She later told me that her mom couldn't wait to meet me... Kev later tells me of all of this other stuff she does. Like telling people about things she does after she cuts, stabs her self with a pen at lunch, putting all of her hair in front of her face to look at me, and even gashing at her own face with plastered on jagged fake nails... I knew she wasn't right in the head the first day I met her. Later she starts writing on herself. My name and her name together with a heart in the middle with permanent black marker. I later learned that that's just an outline. The real drawing was done with a knife, creating permanent scars in her arm. Long living memorials of me and her stuck inside her arm until it rots out.

On Christmas I got an IPhone and she somehow found out my number. Not two weeks after Christmas she finds out my number and starts texting me. Telling me of all of this stuff she would love to do to me and she asked me if I liked to cut myself. I finally told her to fuck off and that I hate her and she brought back all of my depression and hate over everything. All she told me was that she was sorry and said she would stop... She never did.

I later learned from another one of my friends that lives down the street that she saw her and her mom take laps around the neighborhood fast but only slowing down at my house... Moving ever so slowly. I tell her again to fuck off at school and she starts crying and she tried to hug me. I pushed her back and I see in her pocket a handle to a knife, and she tells me that we were meant to be together for ever and ever. I run away and that was the end of that day. The same night I have a dream that she comes to my house with two different big people. One a female and one a male, and they bring me to her basement and they all perform horrendous acts on me. The next few days I was sick. I blocked her cell phone number and she kept calling the house phone.

When I go back to school I avoid Linda and Kev tells me of a really scary dream he had. I have no idea how this happens but it really did. We have the same exact dreams, on the same exact day and we woke up and fell asleep at the same time. Same dream of being kidnapped in my perspective. I was terrified and I cried a few times in the bathroom that day.

At the end of the day Kev, Walter (the friend who lives down the street) and me all walk home together. We were walking on the sidewalk next to the school. It was on a hillside and we were walking down it. We look off into the woods and we saw her. We saw Linda and she was just sitting there. She was drawing something in a notebook. I take out my phone and we see her drawing me and her in some dark place. It looked like a wine cellar or something. As we were examining the drawing through the zoomed in camera with my phone we look up and we see her just look up really fast. It seems like she looked up at the speed of light. All three of us jumped and we took off down the hill. We eventually all make it home and that was the end of that day.

The next week, the weather was oddly warm for the time and me and Kev decided to go camping. As we were getting our mind off Linda we were talking about hilarious story's from when we were kids. Then we heard rustling in the bushes outside. We thought it was just a deer or skunk. Then something small and skinny was grazing by our tent and slight whistling was audible. Something was poking the side of our tent. The side of the tent broke and a fucking 7 inch blade of a knife was came through. We stayed quiet and whatever was there left. Then we heard slight giggling then it turned into maniacal laughter. We were shaking and we grabbed our weapons we brought out because we were sure a coyote or wolf would come by. No, it was not an animal. It was something like an animal but it was something way worse. It was Linda.

We sprinted and as we left a light came out of the forest. Once we noticed the light, it turned off. We were at Kev's backyard after a half an hour of running and we grabbed the telescope. We looked through it and we saw the blood covered face of Linda looking at us with that grin. She opened her mouth and she mouthed “I love you.” We actually remembered the fire was still lit in the forest. We had to go put it out and we had to grab the rest of our stuff. We went out there and grabbed our stuff and we heard and saw Linda giggling and skipping through the woods. We put out the fire and stayed still. She looked in our direction and she left.

As we grabbed our stuff we heard something that sounded like rapid footsteps. We heard Linda screaming and laughing as hard as she could and she was sprinting right at us. We booked it back to the house and lost her. When we got home Kev's Mom, who worked really late pulled in. We told her about it and she brought us in. She called the Police. They went into the woods and came out with Linda, she was naked and covered in blood. It was later confirmed to be was deer blood. She was trying to bite Kev's mom and the Police. They took her away.

Now it is February and Linda is no longer in my Health class. Hell, she isn't even in my school. She is in a state mental institution and we later found out why she transferred. Her family was running from the Police. The cops found in multiple different houses, in the basement, severed limbs hanging on meat hooks, test tubes, poisons with an odd smell, boiling dark red water, impaled human beings on large stakes set on fire, and eyes in glass jars. They were being fermented for the speculated purpose to be eaten later. They also apparently found pieces of leg meat that were branded with the initials of the victim. Her parents were actually very big and muscled. Very tall. Her parents are in prison. Death row. Where I live death row isn't even allowed. What they did to these other teens at other schools was so horrendous that they are killing Linda's parents. There were apparently more disturbing things found in other basements which I'm not allowed to hear. I'm just glad it's all over.

UPDATE: Kev had actually told me later that he heard crying in the boys bathroom. He went in there and Linda was sitting there, with some purple, foul smelling liquid in her mouth, leaned back and she was just crying. She saw Kev and booked it. There was a list of names on the side of the stall. It was a list of at least 16 people's names, scratched into the side of the stall with what seemed to be a knife, that none of us have heard before, except on the news. They were crossed off... On the bottom of the list was two names... Thomas and Kevin.... not only was I next, but Kev was on the list to be mutilated and eaten too. At the time he didn't know what it meant but, now we did. I think Kev was being stalked too but I think he was to scared to ever tell. Until now.

AUTHORS NOTE PLEASE READ: So this story is actually based on true events. However there is a lot of things that have been changed (obviously). First of all, everybody in the story is a real person, but with a name change, some more prominent then others. I am not actually "Tom" I am "Kev". "Tom" was actually stalked by "Linda" and a lot of the things that happened in the story really happened. "Linda" driving by "Toms" house, "Linda" in the woods, drawing, etc. Almost everything about "Linda" actually happened. Lets get into things about her that didn't happen. Her scratching her face with fake nails, cutting the initials into her arm, chasing us in the woods, pulling out a knife in school. The intro to the story actually happened, but it wasn't "Linda". We don't know who it was. It could've just been our imagination. The camping part did happen too, minus "Linda". Also "Tom" was not with me. It was another one of my friends. Instead of "Linda" there was a giant pack of what had to be at least 30 coyotes. Very unnatural. "Linda" having the odd liquid in her mouth happened but not in the exact same way. In health class, she put dye into her mouth and pretended to be dead as a prank. Little did she know that the dye she thought was red was purple. The ending part was inspired by the village in the 2004 video game Resident Evil 4 and, crime shows such as CSI and Criminal Minds, and my own imagination. It is now Summer vacation and "Linda" is not as crazy in love with "Tom" anymore but "Tom" is still very petrified of her. This is my first Creepypasta and I, myself, think its alright but needs some improvement. I really hope you enjoyed reading and have a goodnight! ~~~MistxLobsters

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