The Following story I'm about to tell you is from my friend's journal before he dropped it in a forest I was hiking in, the outcome is surprising what happened to him.

Lots of Pokemon fans are out there to "Collect EVERY SINGLE POKEMON CARD" or "Get all of the 700+ Pokemon in the games". This was not me. I loved the series but it's not like i'm gonna spend millions of dollars looking to get something unique from a random deck. I'd rather waste that on keys for Tf2. My Pokemon dream was to become a Pokemon. I looked for Lucario costumes everywhere. Nothing... I wish if someone read this journal they'd be the person to help me find one.

1/21/14: I'm going to keep track of dates now. I'm currently on a trek deeper in the forest to find my phone I dropped. When I got back into the car and my phone wasn't in my pocket I freaked. So-=/- Sorry for the scribble I just fell into a pile of leaves...

1/21/14 (2 hours later): I can't find my phone and the forest is getting darker, might as well just buy a new one. I have just discovered a... Witch Hut??? Whatever it is, I went to go check it out. There are lots of potions around here. None of them are like Minecraft though. It's just weird bottles with what appears to be pink liquids. Just looks like pink lemonade.

1/21/14 (4 hours later): I really wanted to drink that liquid but considering there's a new poison that's pink, nope. The forest gets darker, I see a light on the ground, IT'S MY PHONE! I'm glad I found my phone but where do I go?

1/22/14: It's been about a whole day in the forest and I'm hungry, thank the gods I brought a huge bag of beef jerky. Jack Link's to be exact. What's that black and white figure over there? Slenderman? Probably not. Hopefully not. I shiver as the wind gets colder and my feet are probably bleeding but I have to get to the car. My Beautiful Mustang must not wait!

1/22/14 (8 hours later) I'm getting to the lighter part of the forest. I think I can see my car. Befor--------------------------===-=-/

I just woke up and something happened, I'm blue with paws... If anybody reads this, just know that I'm living my dream. Slenderman is also very huggable.

Tumblr lscjlxkaqA1qjnnx0o1 400

The journal also had a photo attached, one was almost teared to shreds which was him with Slenderman having fun. The next one was him as his dream, as a German Lucario. I love ya my friend.

I base my account to him on this very day.

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