I love you….

But you don’t love me….

Or maybe you do and you’re just hiding it. Heh.

I remember when I first saw you.

Black hair, Grey eyes, and beautiful pale skin.. ha ha ha!

On the first day of school I remember seeing this girl.

Such wonderful hair! It appeared that it was dyed a unnatural color.

And her....uhm...bust.....shall we say, was very...very...large...

All the guys were staring, except him, the one I've fallen for.

I was happy to see him not staring! He was just sitting there on the edge of the water fountain. 

During Lunchtime on Wednesday, the girl decided to bring lunch. It was a very beautiful lunch I must say.

But She didn’t start eating right away, oh no… She stood there behind the tree...Staring at him.

She was mumbling to herself. “If only you knew how I feel about you...” Oh no, no, NO, NO!

You have no clue what you've just done. Heh he ha-ha HA HA. Poor girl! 

I’m so sorry for what I’m going to have to do to you! But there can only be one!

Now that I think about it, I remember overhearing a little conversation of yours on the roof.

Being a victim of domestic abuse.... I’d feel bad for you if you weren't trying to steel my true love.

But now I’ll have to eliminate you. You know what they say....”LOVE IS WAR”. And Guess what! I’m

Already one step ahead of you....

Now Remember

Meet the wonderful girl on the roof.

Sneak up behind her.

Lift her up and over the railing.

In the process of getting rid of her take of the shoes.

And leave the note by the shoes!

Easy as That!

Everyone will think she has ended up taking her own life!

All that’s left to do is wait for Friday to come and confess my feelings to him!

Hee hee!



Heh.... Oh well guess there’s more extermination to be done!

Hmm, aha, ha-ha, HA HA HA!!!

Looks like Yandere-Chan’s job is not done yet! Hee hee!

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