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When I was typing this i don't if the monster is watching me,okay,it was june 24 I was watching my tv when i heard something This might be a clichè but just wait so I ignored the sound when i heard scraching noises then with instincs i suddenly lock the door closed the curtains in my room turned the volume of the tv max. Aug 18 i was cooking some food with my roommate when he pointed at window paralyse i said "what's wrong?" he said "i saw something at the window!""what did you saw?!" I replied. It was maybe 3:00 am when i heard breathing i was shocked and then i notice two bright green eyes i hurried under my pillow and tried to shake of the image i just saw Dec. 31 it was 12:00 am we were having fun and shit when i notice some of our t-shirt were stolen i said to bob "i will just go""where?""in the bathroom" i lied i went in the house and in the basement because we always put our clothes there to dry when i opened the basement door i saw the same eyes the eyes i saw in our bedroom i ran to the backyard bob asked "what's wrong?""the creature is back!" I screamed we all froze march 17 it was 12:00 am when i saw a figure 7ft tall it opened it mouth then the smell was like shit but the part that got me was it's sharp teeth it has i think 25 in the jaw and 20 on top i started waking my roommate he woke up i said"i saw it again!""where?" He replied i pointed my finger at the where it was standing he saw it and without warning it just ran out the room we were shocked and i think we will move into another apartmen

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