==Author's Note== This is not my first attempt at a pasta, since I have posted some on CP wiki, but this one got deleted so I decided to post it here.

The PastaEdit

People will do terrible things for love
For things they will always cherish
To some lust is as peaceful as the dove
These people are blind and selfish

Lust is not innocent or loving
It is not kind and can even be a deadly sin
It seems to be beautiful but keeps shoving,
Those people who fall makes Asmodeus flash a grin

For lust doesn’t just entail love for another
It could be a bloodlust for those who don’t think clearly
Even as a couple think what you would do for you significant other
Those people that suffer will be punished severely

If your lover was taken, would you kill anyone to reach them
If you loved something so much you would slay others to get it
The people who commit this deadly sin are a Devil’s gem
In the afterlife you will pay for all the sins you commit

So let this be a lesson for those lost in love
If you get too involved in this terrible snare
For it is not always as peaceful as the dove
For your punishment for this sin, will be too difficult to bear

The Prodigy 15:49, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

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