He is watching me, like the song said:

IMG 0185

My mother said to get things done

You'd better not mess with Major Tom

That song is the one that got me this far, that turned me into the well mannered, smart person I am now.

My Mother would always sing me the song and would always emphasize on the part I just mentioned, every time she sung those lyrics, I knew he was watching me from above, keeping a close eye on my actions, that helped me be the kind, educated and trustworthy person I am now.

My mother was obsessed with that song, every time she would sing it to me, and before going to sleep she would play it in her room, and I would listen to the song every night from my room before falling asleep, ultimately having Major Tom visiting me in my dreams, every night I would wake up covered in sweat and with scratches on my arms and legs, I always knew Major Tom was who did those because he KNEW I had done something bad that day and would punish me accordingly, I eventually learnt to do what my parents said, that turned me into the respected, gentle, generous, bossy person I am now.

I have no regrets nor anything to hide, I am glad on the way I was raised, I am glad on the way I was punished for my wrongdoings, I am glad on the moral code I was taught. I am glad on my ever watching protector, that to this day still watches me from above. Thanks to all of that I'm the serious, talented, efficient, hardworking, solitary person I am now.

To this day I still trust on Major Tom's judgment, he always knows when I have done something wrong even if it was inadvertedly, my parents died because of my wrongdoing and Major Tom put them to rest to teach me a lesson, It sure paid off, soon enough I was promoted as Marketing administrator and I had a raise,  and I met the love of my life, but I must had done something wrong because she died weeks after, I was depressed by her loss, but I knew that Major Tom still cared for me making me a happy, intelligent, happy benevolent, respectful, happy, admirable, happy, upstanding, paranoid, unlikeable, lonely person I will always be.

As long as he is with me.

As long as he is there to guide me on the right path.

I will be myself.

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