SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki, a newer, underrated, and truly great community. 

This wiki has opened up some great possibilities as far as writing goes, and it really shows. With 2013 came some great thought provoking and well done pastas, meaning that to just give one award away for pasta of the year, is ridiculous. Tons of pastas have been posted on here, and over ninety percent of them deserve to be read. 


1.) All pastas must have originated from this wiki

2.) No putting my own pastas in nomination (Not that any would make it)

3.) No votes, this is my personal opinion.

Cats to Win in

So, I'll be making my own end of the year awards, with multiple categories to win in. These categories include:

Best Sad Pasta

Creepiest Pasta

Most Underrated Pasta

Most Detailed

Best Poem

Best Mindf*ck

- Best Pasta


~ Marcus

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